Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Highway improvements will require main fibre line relocation for CityWest

Highway Work set to begin at Rainbow Summit is going to make for a bit of work for CityWest crews as well, as the Prince Rupert owned communication company makes plans to relocate the main fibre line later this month.

The highway improvements at the Summit which were announced in October of 2016,  will require CityWest to move the current path of the fibre line away from the soon to be created passing lanes.

The preparation work to relocate the line which transports phone, Internet and TV service to Prince Rupert is scheduled from May 18-25, with the actual switchover set for the early morning hours of May 23rd.

Highway improvements along the
Rainbow Summit area of Highway 16
will require CityWest to relocate the main
fibre line into Prince Rupert.
The cost to relocate the line and perform the switchover has been estimated to be approximately 300,000 dollars.

In a statement from last week, City West CEO Chris Marrett made note of the technical nature of the planned shift and outlined some of the preparation work in place to address the challenge.

“We have done a significant amount of preparation work to prevent any sort of outage,”  ...  “The work is highly technical in nature, and our professional team will work hard to ensure the risk of outage is minimal.”

CityWest officials note that should an outage occur, customers are advised to power-cycle any devices - such as modens and set-top boxes - once services are restored.

A review of the CityWest information statement can be found here.

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