Thursday, May 11, 2017

Coast Guard makes a Cow Bay port call

The Coast Guard is showing the flag at Cow Bay today

Visitors to the Cow Bay Marina were taking in something just a little bit different today from the city's waterfront, as they took to the finger dock to get a close up view of two vessels from the Canadian Coast Guard.

The CCGS Captain Goddard is one of the newest vessels in the Coast Guard fleet, part of the Coast Guard's Mid-Shore Patrol Vessel contingent, it was delivered to the Coast Guard in October 2014.

The Captain Goddard in the background with the Cape Dauphin tucked in
just ahead of it at the Finger Dock at Cow Bay Marina

Accompanying the Captain Goddard in port today was the Cape Dauphin, crewed by four Coast Guard members, it's part of the Coast Guard's SAR Lifeboat fleet.

The Two vessels have taken up residence in port at Cow Bay today, as they prepare for more patrols off the North Coast in the days and weeks to come.

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