Monday, May 8, 2017

Prince Rupert and North Coast/Haida Gwaii out of camera range for CFTK TV

Local issues are falling off the radar for television viewers on the North Coast, as CFTK TV continues to work the Northwest news stories short staffed and with no reporter based in Prince Rupert to share the stories west of Terrace.

Other than a short item related to the North Coast candidates forum of April 24th, there have been no items of note included in the TV7 news flow since the departure of Cierra Wilson from the North Coast in late March.

The last item that Ms. Wilson filed for TV7 the story of Education Minister Mike Bernier's visit to the community in March.

Since that item, for the most part the themes of the North Coast election campaign and items of interest from Prince Rupert City Council, as well as notes from Prince Rupert and other surrounding communities have gone missing over the last six weeks.

The TV7 supper time news programming has to this point become very much a Terrace overview, with the majority of the news files coming from within the Terrace city limits.

The current staff listings for Bell Media out of Terrace indicate that there does not appear to have been any progress on the employment search for the Prince Rupert position since Ms. Wilson's departure.

TV7 had listed the job opportunity on the Bell Media national employment board in March, six weeks later however, the most recent job listings for British Columbia do not indicate any openings for Prince Rupert.

The ongoing issue of a lack of staffing in the Prince Rupert news office over the last few years, means that when it comes to covering the North coast, TV 7's news efforts frequently seem to fade to black.

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