Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Prince Rupert Forensics Section assisting in discovered human remains case near Dease Lake

A case file that has spanned the winter months may be closer to a sense of closure for the family of an Alaskan man who went missing near Dease lake last November.

Over the weekend the RCMP announced that a number of Search and Rescue teams from around the Northwest had been working in an area 140 kilometres South of Dease Lake when they discovered human remains.

The main area of focus for the search teams was located in the same portion of Highway 37 North where RCMP members had investigated an abandoned car belonging to Anthony Adevai.

The Alaskan who had been travelling from Oregon to Alaska had been reported missing at that time, with the family concerned for his well being noting at the time, that he suffered from a number of deteriorating health issues and Alzheimer's disease.

The human remains have yet to be identified by the BC Coroners office and to assist the office in their work a number of RCMP assets have been brought into the investigation, included in the team working the case file at the moment are members of the Prince Rupert Forensic Identification Section.

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