Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Alaska reduces the asking price for MV Taku

Should you have a spare 700,000 dollars (US) in your wallet or purse, a chance to purchase a bit of North Coast Marine history is available at a recently reduced price.

The State of Alaska has been looking to sell the MV Taku, the long serving part of the Alaska Marine Highway Fleet that once transited across the A/B line as part of the regular schedule between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan.

The vessel has been tied up alongside a dock in Ketchikan since it was taken out of service back in June of 2015, its removal from service part of the Alaska Government's fleet reduction strategy.

In March we made note of the "As Is, Where Is" For Sale listing through the State of Alaska bid process, though as the months moved forward it would seem that the State may have over estimated the going rate for 54 year old ferries.

With apparently no nibbles yet, the price drop for the Taku was announced last week, now listed at 700,00 dollars, the new deadline to set up your financing and put in your bid is now May 31st.

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