Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Port's Community Investment Fund provides help to Prince Rupert Hospice Society

The local society that provides for  end of life care in the community has been expanding its program of care for families in the region over the last year and part of that expansion has been through a 90,000 dollar project.

The society which has been providing end of life care for eight years now on the North Coast has been active in recent years to raise awareness of their work and to make the experience less of a burden on families in the final stages of their family members lives.

A signficant portion of the funding for their most recent project has been delivered through the Prince Rupert Port Authority's Community Investment Fund, which has contributed $36,500 towards the project, one of 14 organizations, businesses and individuals in the region that have stepped up to lend a financial hand towards the palliative care project.

Port CEO and President Don Krusel noted the important work that the Prince Rupert Hospice Society provides to the community through their work and how the Port welcomed the opportunity to offer their support to their efforts.

“Providing a comfortable end-of-life experience for our community members is a noble cause, and we’re appreciative of the steadfast dedication shown by the volunteers of the Prince Rupert Hospice Society,”  ...“It’s a testament to the kind and considerate nature of Rupertites that palliative care is available in our community, and it's our privilege to support the Society’s work through the Community Investment Fund.”

Palliative care facilities at Prince Rupert
Regional Hospital have been upgraded
as part of a project hosted by the
Prince Rupert Hospice Society
The money that has been raised is being put to use through renovations at Prince Rupert Hospital to two patient rooms and the visitor room that is in place for families  during the end of life process at the hospital.

Included in the renovations was the installation of counter tops, cupboards, blinds and flooring as well as new paint for the rooms.

Each of the patients rooms was upgraded with new mattresses, couches and chairs while donated art work now can be seen on the walls.

Judy Ridell, the President of the Prince Rupert Hospice Society outlined how thankful the local group is to have received support from the community and how that assistance will go further to providing for compassionate care in the community.

“We’re always grateful for the support we receive from the community to provide compassionate care for those nearing the end of life, and contributions from organizations like the Port of Prince Rupert went a long way to improving that care for present and future patients,”  ...“This project also makes the experience more comfortable for families and friends who want to spend time with their loved ones at end of life.”

A new look for the palliative care rooms at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital
has been introduced by the Prince Rupert Hospice Society

(photo courtesy of Prince Rupert Port Authority twitter feed)

More background on the fund raising project can be found from this information release from today.

You can learn more about the Prince Rupert Hospice Society and their work from their Facebook page

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