Thursday, May 11, 2017

And the traffic shall flow again

Back in Operation! The traffic light system at the corner of McBride Street
and Third Avenue West has been returned to service

After months of making use of the Four Way Stop Protocol at the corner of McBride and Third Avenue, motorists and pedestrians will now have to readjust to the prospect of free flowing traffic.

The long reconstruction process for the traffic light at that corner has been completed and yesterday the light was returned to service, with motorists now required to follow the guidance offered by the Red, Yellow and Green lights.

The work required to re-anchor the light proved to be a challenge for traffic engineers and once a design and approach was settled on the work was handed off to Marcan construction which started work on the project in March.

The reintroduction of the traffic light service, which had been out of service since the fall of 2016, is proving to be a bit of a surprise to pedestrians more so than motorists, with some of those travelling on foot crossing the road without waiting for the green, somehow failing to note that the light was red.

In another area of downtown, those travelling along Second avenue West this morning will note the new blacktop that has been put down in the overnight period, the newly paved stretch of the  road travels westbound from McBride.

That is part of the ongoing provincial paving project along the Highway that passes through the city, still to be tackled by crews is the stretch of Park Avenue to the Ferry Terminal and McBride Street from the Lester Centre to Second Avenue.

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