Monday, May 15, 2017

Passenger levels on the rise for VIA Rail's Skeena Run

With the busy summer season just about to begin, riding the rails to Rupert is a form of transportation that is on the increase.

VIA Rail Canada, which provides service on the Skeena route from Jasper to Prince Rupert is reporting some significant ridership levels across the system with numbers from 2016 showing increases from the last report of 2015.

For the Skeena the increase is listed at a ten percent bump from the last report from 2015.

VIA Rail features some background on the Skeena Route on their website, providing a number of visuals of the scenery and some of the features of the service that makes the route a popular one in the summer season.

As well, a downloadable touring guide offers those charting their course to the North Coast a larger overview of what Northwest BC has to showcase.

The Skeena arrives in Prince Rupert three days a week, pulling into the VIA station at Fairview around 8:20 PM.

Eastbound trips head for Jasper at 8AM.

The nature of the VIA Rail schedule through the Northwest allows for the best possible viewing opportunities for those travelling across Northern British Columbia.

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