Friday, May 12, 2017

Alta Gas selects Hyduke Energy Services for construction contract for Ridley Island Terminal project

As preparation work continues on Ridley Island at the site of the AltaGas Propane terminal, the next phase of the development, the construction of the actual storage and shipment facility is gaining some momentum as well.

An article in the Journal of Commerce from today is taking note of a recent agreement between AltaGas and Hyduke Energy Services which will see the Alberta based construction firm provide steel fabrication and construction services at the Ridley Site.

A sample of the style of storage tanks
that Hyduke Energy Services offers
to the energy sector
As part of the contract, Hyduke will be providing for the assembly and completion of the 95,000 cubic metre  propane storage tank to be installed at the Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal.

In a statement cited by the Journal of Commerce, Hyduke's CEO Pat Ross noted that his firm was excited to be awarded the contract and how they look forward to developing a long-standing relationship with AltaGas when it comes to current and future endeavours.

The full news release on the contract award can be viewed here.

There is no timeline posted to the AltaGas Ridley Terminal website to this point, that offers an outline as to what pace the tank work fit into the timeline for the project.

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