Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SD52 seeking bids for Conrad School roof replacement project

Nine days remain for contractors to sharpen their pencils and deliver some final numbers to School District 52, as the plan for replacement of a number segments of the roof at Conrad School move forward.

The tender was first posted at the Bid BC website in mid May, with a full description provided related to the work required on the east side school.

In addition to the information package available online, a contractor tour of the site was provided last week designed to give those interested in placing a bid for the work a better understanding of the nature of the project.

Those with an interest in the scope of the work for the planned renovation to segments of the school roofing system can review the full information package from the BC Bid site.

An overview of the Conrad School site and blue prints of the roof structure
at the east side school, SD52 is currently accepting bids for work on the roof this year

The evaluation of the bids will be done through a points based process and review by an evaluation committee consisting of SD52 representatives.

The bid process come to a close on June 8th at 2 PM, the successful bid holder is expected to have the work completed before school resumes in September.

The need for a roof replacement at Conrad was first outlined by the School District as part of their 2015 Report on Capital projects for the Ministry of Education.

The approved funding for the work was announced earlier this year as part of their Capital spending for 2017.

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