Friday, July 26, 2019

Council members share their enthusiasm for Prince Rupert's future, following four day planning session

Councillor Nick Adey was one of a number of City Councillors to
show their enthusiasm from a recent planning session 

Monday evening's City Council session offered the first opportunity for City Council members to share some of their observations coming out of a four day planning workshop hosted by Redesign Rupert earlier this month.

As we noted on the blog last week, that four day session held at the Crest Hotel brought together a number of stakeholders in the community, covering a wide range of interests from industry, social services and business, all joining City Council and staff in a some vision making for the next ten years.

At Monday's Council meeting a few of the members of council recounted some of their takeaways from the four days at the Crest.

"I just want to express my appreciation of the very vibrant planning session that took place for the Redesign Prince Rupert last week. And very appreciative of the efforts of the organizers putting it together, particularly Ceilidh Marlow, it was fantastic. And if you had asked me whether I could sustain eight hours a day of pouring over planning maps and so on, I might have had my doubts. But it turned out to be a really exciting initiative and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes." -- Councillor Nick Adey

"Adding on to what Councillor Adey said, I went in there kind of, somewhat skeptical. You know we've been through this exercise  a couple of times and I was quite surprised and taken by the whole, whole presentation and that, it was very well done. The people in the room were experts at what they do. And they were so down to earth it was unreal. I walked out of there not quite as excited as the Mayor, but still somewhat optimistic that something will come of it" -- Councillor Barry Cunningham

"I would kind of like to second Councillor Adey's comments about the Redesign Rupert. It was a great initiative and great to see so many people come together not only just highlight the problems and challenges that we face in the community. But how can we take reasonable steps and actionable items to move forward and make progress and change the face of the town " -- Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven

For his part, Mayor Lee Brain observed that there will be an opportunity for the public to see the plan come to fruition in December. He also made note of the work of the 65 members of the community from multiple organizations that are working on the initiative.

You can take in some of the conversation themes from the City's You Tube Video Archive starting at the thirty three minute mark.

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