Monday, July 29, 2019

Recreation the theme for current Rupert Talks Survey

The City of Prince Rupert is taking submissions as part of a community engagement process on Recreation services in the City, with the Rupert Talks program currently hosting a six question survey on the topic.

Among some of the themes of the questions how important do you rate Recreation to your family, how much do you use the city's facilities, how do you access information on recreation options and what barriers do you find when it comes to recreation in Prince Rupert.

The survey also includes a note on some of the funding sources available to those with limited finances and whether local residents have taken advantage of those programs.

The survey process is a two part project, with one survey having been distributed to local
organizations, teams, clubs and non-profit and other community groups that have a connection to the recreation services offered by the City.

The second survey is directed towards the general public and is designed to get a glimpse of the current state of recreation in the city, from the perspective of the general user.

You can take the Individual survey here, though you do have to register for the Rupert Talks program to participate.

There is no indication as to a closing date for the community survey.

For notes related to ongoing programs at recreation facilities with the City of Prince Rupert see their website of Facebook page.

For more items related to Civic initiatives see our Council Discussion archive page here.

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