Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Prince Rupert Council hears of renewed calls for crosswalk for Park Avenue

Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa issued the latest call for action 
Monday night  towards the development of a crosswalk across the busy
Park Avenue thoroughfare on the city's west side

The long sought after placement of a cross walk on Park Avenue was heard again on Monday night at Prince Rupert City Council, as Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa relayed the concerns of residents who have approached him on the issue.

Noting that the topic has been raised in the past by Councillor Barry Cunningham, Mr. Randhawa inquired on Monday if any progress has been made towards delivery of the crosswalk, noting of the growing number of residents living adjacent to the busy thoroughfare and a number of close calls that have been seen between pedestrians and motor vehicles.

As we have outlined in the past, the desire to see a crosswalk put in place has been one of Councillor Cunningham's frequent requests over the course of the last year.

January 2019 -- Council has two conversation topics for the Ministry of Highways
June 2018 -- Thoughts on amenities, road safety among Council commentary on Park Avenue housing permit process

"You have a long stretch of highway there, from Five Corners ... down ... people don't slow down on that road and I can see people wanting to cross from this project over to the other side going up to BC housing, or something like that ... has there been any discussion about a crosswalk or anything between Five corners and farther down ... I think it's something that should be considered because you/re going to get people crossing there and we already have enough problems with people getting hit in crosswalks, never mind the middle of nowhere, so I think it's something that we should discuss so the city doesn't end up with a bill for crosswalk or a lighted cross walk" -- Councillor Barry Cunningham calling for a crosswalk on Park Avenue back in June of 2018

The need for a cross walk was also put forward by SD52 back in October of 2016.

In reply to Councillor Randhawa's question the Mayor noted that the City has reached out to Highways as has BC Housing, with discussions underway about a potential cross walk to be put in place.

Mr. Brain also made note of the increase in housing along Park and how it was just one of those things that takes time, but there are people interested in making sure that it happens.

"Those are just one of those processes that takes some time, but there is definitely a few people that area interested in making sure that it happens"

The Park Avenue corridor has seen a significant bump in the number of residents along the main roadway with both the Gitxaala Housing complex in the old Anchor Inn reopening and the new Crow's Nest Lodge Supportive Housing complex located beside the Prince Rupert Transition House.

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