Friday, July 26, 2019

City's Water/Airport Ferry Needs result in higher cost to May

Some additional expenses have boosted the expenditures side of the City of Prince Rupert Financial ledger so far this year, particularly when it comes to the city's water supply and Airport Ferry Transportation system.

The review of the need for additional cash for both was outlined Monday, as the City's Financial Officer Corrine Bomben delivered the May Financial Variance Report at this month's City Council Session.

Two areas were highlighted as delivering a significant variance, with Ms. Bomben first outlining that when it comes to the City's Water System expenditures, the costs are up owing to higher service repairs and more water quality testing being conducted.

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From the Variance report the water expenditures are closing in on the million dollar mark, with the May numbers noting $957,8233 required to that point, which makes for an increase in spending from this time last year of $231,491.

The amount spent to the month of May is close to half the budgeted amount that the city had estimated for the year.

The need for more water quality testing came following the city's drinking water issues of late December and earlier this year.  That after an original test delivered what the city described as a False Positive.

That resulted in a three month Boil Water order being place on the city's drinking water.

Some extra time of service for the Wainwright Barge
and unexpected repairs costs on the Airport Ferry added to
the Financial requirements for the refit project

The Airport Ferry also required more money than originally planned for, with the Airport Ferry refit resulting in additional expenditures required for the refit, that after unexpected and necessary repairs were discovered during refit.

Those repairs and the extended period of time for the substitute barge service from Wainwright Marine provided for the cause of the bump in financial resources required.

The Airport Ferry was taken out of service in March and then transited to Victoria for its refit, in April the CFO outlined that more money would be required for the refit, with an additional 350,000 dollars required on top of the previous $611,000 allocated for the work and substitute barge from Wainwright Marine.

According to the May Report, the City had budgeted one million dollars for the project, with the actual cost of the Airport Ferry refit as of May 31st listed at $1,190,729

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The Ferry returned to service in June, as of the May variance Report the expenditures related to the Airport Ferry are listed at $1,001,245; when it comes to the revenue side of the Airport Ferry ledger, the City has seen a slight uptick when it comes to the harbour transit to the Airport.

With $554,864 in revenues listed to date; up from $524,413 from May of 2018.

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You can review her full report on those items and others from the City's You Tube Video archive page, the Variance Report notes come at the twenty one minute mark.


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