Friday, July 26, 2019

Stats Canada Crime Severity Index shows slight increase for Prince Rupert, significant jump for Terrace

Statistics Canada has released their Crime Severity Index numbers for 2018
With Prince Rupert seeing s slight jump in the results from the last year

Members of Prince Rupert's RCMP detachment continued to find some brisk business in 2018, with the Stats Canada review of criminal activity indicating that the Crime Severity Index in Prince Rupert has seen a slight increase from one year ago.

The numbers which were released earlier this week show a continuing, if incremental jump in the Crime Severity Index from its high point of 153.10 this decade which was recorded in 2015.

For the 2018 review, Prince Rupert is provided with a score of 140.51, which is up 6 points on the index scale from last year. That translates in to almost a five percent increase from the 2017 numbers.

From the report, Prince Rupert saw an 18 percent decline in the violent crime category, but a 24 percent jump when it comes to Non-violent crime in the city.

Clearance rates of case files are down for both categories, 20 percent when it comes to violent crime, 9 percent for non violent investigations.


When it comes to incident based crime stats for Prince Rupert

There were 568 total violent Criminal Code violations recorded for 2018 an increase from the 449 recorded the year before. The 2018 figures make for the highest number of the last five years.

As for the total of all Criminal Code violations recorded in 2018, Prince Rupert saw 2,234 incidents noted, providing for a 20 percent increase from the year before.

Around the remainder of the Northwest the results have seen increases in all three of the major communities, with Terrace the focus for the largest jump in the statistical review.


For Terrace there was a significant spike in the Crime Severity Index for 2018, with Stats Canada listing the city at 166.91, a jump of 33 points from the year before, or 24 percent increase.

Violent crime saw a 50 percent change in the Violent Crime Severity Index, with Non violent crime also up by 13 percent.


The Crime Severity Index was up in Kitimat as well, listed at 92.60 up just a shade below 20 percent from last year

Ktimat found a nine percent increase in violent crime and a 27 percent change in non violent crime on the index.


The Bulkley Valley community was assessed a Crime Severity Index score of 92.60, which is up from 2017's numbers, making for an increase of 19.68 percent.  

Violent crime was up per cent,non violent crime 26 percent.

To review the Incident based crime statistics across the province use this table.

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