Thursday, July 18, 2019

Expect delays for your morning coffee and donut at Sixth Street and Second Avenue West

Work taking place in the downtown area will see the east side of
Sixth Street between 2nd West leading to 1st West closed to traffic on Friday

The Friday morning ritual may require a bit of a logistical shift, as the city outlines plans to close the eastbound lane of Sixth Street tomorrow morning and through the day, the closure is required to allow for work on the stretch between 1st and 2nd Avenue West along side the Tim Horton's location.

The notice to residents was relayed through  a few of the City's of information platforms this afternoon. As part of the advisory, the City notes that traffic signage and controllers will be in place to help with the flow of traffic in the region.

For those frequenting the restaurant, one solution may be to park a block or so away, think of the walk as perhaps a bonus addition to your morning ritual.

The Sixth Street is just one of many projects currently underway around the city, as we outlined earlier this week, the sudden spurt of road construction is part of the city's capital paving project this year.

You can review some of those projects from our archive page here.

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