Wednesday, July 31, 2019

For Grade 12 final exams the math didn't make sense and now a re-tabulation is in order before final grades will be final grades

2019 Graduates from Charles Hays and others from across the province
are awaiting more details on the fate of their final mark transcripts

Update: Minster Rob Fleming issued a statement on the situation at 3:20 PM on Wednesday, advising that the situation had been resolved and outlined the steps taken by the Ministry.

You can review that information here.


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As things turn out, the graduating class for 2019 at  Charles Hays Secondary and other schools across the province may not be done with their high school years just yet!

That after anomalies found from the final marks for Grade 12 June exams, the results of which contribute towards the final mark transcripts from the Ministry, may yet provide for some slight modification; a situation leaving a large volume of students awaiting further guidance from the province as to any impact it all may have on the post secondary plans.

The exams make for a significant element in the overall grading process and for many students the difference between accessing scholarships or potential acceptance at an institution could be determined by the fate of their marks.

Towards that concern,  the province noted in a notice posted to the Ministry of Education's Transcripts page this week, that they are working on the issue and hope to have it resolved shortly.

The Ministry has begun the process of reviewing every June 2019 exam result, with the focus to ensure that student grades are reflected in an accurate fashion on their transcripts, the documentation that is among the criteria for admission to post secondary education.

The timeline is tight for the Province to fix the issue, many post secondary institutions have a deadline in August for the submission of final marks as part of the application process.

The situation is providing for some stress for students who thought that their high school days might be behind them as they make their plans for their post secondary years.

The first indication there was a problem with the transcripts came through a range of media reports on Tuesday, as parents expressed their concern and confusion over the situation.

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There has not been much in the way of public information on the situation coming from the Ministry at the provincial level; or from SD52 locally, with no notes posted to their social media feeds (Rupert Schools) (CHSS) and those seeking guidance from the District's website finding the site down at the moment.

For its part the ministry has advised that it hopes to have updated transcripts posted later today.

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