Thursday, July 18, 2019

Terrace RCMP look to reunite owners with recovered stolen property

If you have travelled through the Terrace area, or have camped or have a cabin there and had some of your items stolen, the Terrace detachment may have found some of your belongings.

During the course of a July 10th patrol of the Tent City area north of Keith Avenue members the Terrace detachment recovered a number of stolen items and made two arrests in relation to the goods that were found.

Among some of the items recovered in the Terrace bust were fishing gear, chainsaws, bikes, tools and a range of other goods and items.

The next phase of their investigation however is proving to be a bit of a challenge as they look to return the recovered items to their rightful owners.

"We would really like to reunite as many of these items as possible with their rightful owners. If anyone has had items recently stolen, please call and provide a description of your missing property." -- Constable Jeff Campbell.

Should you have been the victim of theft in the Terrace area, you can contact either Constable Jeff Campbell or Constable Matthew Haas at 250-638-7400 to see if any of the recovered items may be yours.

Further notes on the Terrace Tent City file can be reviewed here.

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