Tuesday, July 30, 2019

AMHS announces more sailing cancellations for August as strike continues on

All lanes leading to the AMHS Terminal at Fairview Terminal remain
clear of vehicles as the strike heads towards the one week mark on Wednesday

Weekend negotiations seemingly did not bring the two sides in the Alaska Marine Highway System dispute any closer to a settlement and as the ongoing strike nears the one week mark tomorrow, the Marine Highway Service has announced more schedule cancellations.

The latest advisory for passengers was posted to the AMHS website today and lists off the fate for the fleet for the week ahead.

The latest Service Notice from the AMHS 
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According to a report in the Anchorage Daily News, the talks recessed after more than twenty hours with discussions to resume at a later unspecified date.

Few details have been released when it comes to the weekend sessions with a Federal mediator but judging by some of the information released by the union side of the disagreement, the resolve to continue on with the labour dispute seems strong.

While the dispute continues the AMHS is warning its customers about some fraudulent text messaging that passengers may be receiving, as scammers seek to take advantage of the travellers situation to access their credit card numbers.

The fraudulent messages provide an assistance number and then travellers are asked to provide their credit card numbers.  The State of Alaska urges anyone receiving such a text to ignore or delete it and contact the State Security office at 907-269-5000 or by email at infosec@alaska.gov

Fraudsters are trying to take advantage of AMHS customers who are stranded
due to the ongoing labour dispute

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As we noted on Friday, the strike action has left travellers in ports up and down the Alaska coast, as well as in Prince Rupert holding in their respective ports, awaiting further information, or making alternative travel plans, sometimes at a fairly significant cost.

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