Tuesday, July 30, 2019

DP World advises of July 26th incident at Fairview Terminal

Container moves were on hold last
week as DP World investigated
an unspecified odour on site
Something was in the air last week at Fairview Terminals and as a result container movements came to a standstill as officials conducted an investigation.

That for the most part is the theme of a review of a July 26th incident at the west side container terminal, with DP World releasing some details of the event today.

In an information release, the global shipping company outlined how an unspecified odour was detected around 9AM on the 26th at the Prince Rupert Fairview Container Terminal and as is their protocol for such events, container yard operations were temporarily halted.

As part of their procedures a local incident management team immediately conducted on-site assessment and air quality monitoring, with the source identified by 10AM and the results deemed to be non-hazardous. 

Additional tests were conducted at the noon hour at which time the site was confirmed to be safe, with normal terminal operations resuming at 4:30.

The length of time consumed by the incident was seven and half hours.

No details as to what substance caused the odour were released by DP Word as part of their information update.

Terminal shutdowns have happened in the past under similar situations, though this is the first one reported for 2019.

The last significant shutdown due to an industrial incident came in July of 2018, when five employees were sent to hospital after suffering respiratory irritation.

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