Wednesday, July 31, 2019

City looks towards more work at the Ridley Island landfill site

The City is looking to see some more quarry work get
underway at the Ridley Island land fill site

(map from City of PR RFP)

With a 100,000 dollar budget to work with, the City of Prince Rupert has released a Request for Proposals for some work to be done at the Ridley Island Access Road Landfill site, with the blasting and processing of rock at the quarry site up for bid.

The RFP was issued on Monday with a closing date of August 21st with the city looking for a contractor to provide for the following services.

Clearing and grubbing as necessary to carry out proposed work plan;

Drilling and blasting of exposed rock within limits of design contours; and

Processing and stockpiling of rock to the following gradations and proportions

The quarry which is part of the Landfill site has been partially developed, but requires the removal of the remaining rock to be completed.

The City is focused on a number of mandatory requirements for potential bidders to consider before submitting their proposal, they include:

Proponent's Experience - list of completed or current work comparable to the Project, including a brief description of the work, approximate contract value and references (with phone numbers) for each work that the City may contact 

Costs - detailed costs for the Proponents provision of the Services in Canadian Dollars, inclusive of all costs, expenses and charges, but exclusive of GST and Provincial Sales Tax; and

Project Plan – provide sufficient detail to allow the City to determine the Proponent’s position from the documents received, such, as, details of the Proponent's team, including, their roles and responsibilities and reporting relationships, understanding of the Project and proposed work plan for carrying out the Services within the prescribed Budget.

As part of the application process a mandatory information meeting has been set up for August 7th at the Landfill site on the Ridley Island Access road.

At that session the city will  outline information regarding an overview of the project and RFP requirements and an overview of the background documents.

The Request for Proposal was posted to the province wide BC Bid portal.

Earlier this summer, the City posted a call for tenders towards construction of a Leachate treatment lagoon for the landfill site.

At their mid June council meeting, Councillor Barry Cunningham made note of how a lack of expansion at the site could see major contractors and others taking their large scale debris to Terrace for disposal, something which would see revenue opportunities for the City heading down the highway.

For more items of note related to the city's infrastructure work see our archive page here.

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