Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Complete Streets for Prince Rupert offer some redesign tips for City Council

With Prince Rupert City Council set to move into the next state of their redesign Rupert planning in 2020, a local group dedicated towards improving on the city's accessibility infrastructure has offered up a few talking points for consideration.

In an Open Letter to Mayor Lee Brain and the city's six councillors, Complete Streets moved forward with their advocacy for safe, accessible and enjoyable streets for all of those who use the roads in the city.

Towards their goal of safer streets, they provided for three items of note towards their advocacy, seeking the following elements as a starting point.

Infrastructure that slows vehicles and improves visibility for all road users 

Safe and active routes to school so that more children can get to school on foot and by bicycle 

Protected spaces for cycling so that more people will feel comfortable choosing to ride bicycles

The full letter that outlines their call for a city redesign that will included a variety of transportation choices and puts a priority on safety and convenience can be explored here.

Over the summer, City Council members participated in a four day planning workshop hosted by Redesign Rupert in July, with the city's elected officials coming away from their work enthused for the future that could be for Prince Rupert.

At that time, Mayor Lee Brain advised that the rest of the community would have a chance in December to learn more of the work of the summer and what future plans may be in mind for the redesign of the community.

So far, the City has not offered up an update on when that public session will take place.

You can find more of the work of Redesign Rupert from our archive page here.

A wider overview of some of the City Council discussion themes can also be found from our Council Discussion archive page here.

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