Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Head Start on Haunting comes Wednesday night at the Nisga'a Hall

The Nisga'a Hall has become one of the must see destinations for the days of haunting that make up a North Coast Halloween, with this years plans destined to make for a ghoulishly enjoyable experience for all who dare to enter.

October 30th marks the fourth year for the Haunted House and as those who have been there from day one will attest, each year gets better and better as the Gitmaxmak'ay youth work out new themes and new surprises for those that enter through the dungeon doors.

As they have over the last few years, the creative minds of the Youth group and their friends have cooked up a witches brew of exciting themes for this years pre Halloween night event ...

With vampires, spiders and a flesh eating butcher rumoured to have been summoned among the possible creatures of the night to reach out for those that wander through the basement of the Nisga'a Hall.

Tomorrow evening's hauntings begin at 5:30 PM with a three dollar admission fee to enter the Dungeon of Nisga'a Hall.

You can get updates on the event as the get closer to Scare time from the Gitmaxmak'ay Society Twitter feed.

For more items of note on Halloween week and other Prince Rupert events see our archive page here.

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