Wednesday, October 16, 2019

With "We Remember Them", CityWest Community Television looks to tell the stories of our Northwest veterans

As we edge closer to the day of Remembrance of November 11th, CityWest's Community TV has launched a new series that is dedicated to telling the stories of those who have served Canada over the years.

The program is called "We Remember Them" and is airing this month on CityWest Community channels 10 and 310HD, it airs every evening at 6:30 with Host Charlie Meek sharing the stories of veterans past and present.

Put together by the Community Television programming team, CityWest has been on the search for veterans who would like to be interviewed about their service.

This week Bill McRae, a long time resident of Terrace and a veteran of World War Two is the featured guest.

If you have a guest suggestion contact CityWest at 1-844-445-8665 or by way of email at

The programming serves as a nice lead up to this years Remembrance Day ceremonies of Monday, November 11th,  with the Prince Rupert commemoration to take place at the Court House at 11AM.

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