Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Northern Savings takes on the challenge of the Dairy Queen building

The structure that marks the gateway to the city's downtown core from the east and one that was considered to be among one of the largest eyesores in the city has been getting some attention over the last two weeks.

The old Dairy Queen building which Northern Savings purchased one year ago, has been fenced off as crews from Rupert Wood N Steel construction begin what will be an extensive stripping of the building to determine its fate.

Once the interior is gutted and the structure taken to its bare bones framing, Norther Savings will make the decision whether to move forward with an extensive renovation, or to tear the structure down will be made.

Taking things down to the framing is the project ahead for
Rupert Wood N Steel as they continue to work the DQ site
As a result of the work taking place at the old DQ location, parking space
in the Northern Savings Lot has been reduced

The building gained some infamy back in February of 2017 when it was listed as one of a number of downtown buildings that local tourism officials noted did not make for the most visually pleasing introduction for the city to visitors.

Prior to the purchase by Northern Savings the structure had also become a hideaway for some of the homeless in the community; as well as the canvas of sorts of the proliferation of graffiti that has taken root across the downtown area.

Northern Savings officials have not indicated yet as to what kind of use they visualize for the property which sits at one of the prime intersections in the city.

While residents of the city no doubt will be pleased to see work finally underway on the old DQ building, that list of eyesores from 2017 still holds pretty true today as to properties in the downtown area that need some attention from property owners and city hall.

The topic of action towards those buildings has been a frequent cause for Councillor Barry Cunningham over the years, however to this point there has been little to show for his calls for some kind attention to the issue.

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