Thursday, October 24, 2019

New Operators of pair of Prince Rupert Seniors residences look to the future with growth in mind

Wayne Place in Prince Rupert is one of two Seniors Residences 
(Kaien Place is the other) that Columbus Homes now operates in the city

Councillor Nick Adey shared some insight at Monday's Council session into how some of the city's Seniors Residences have seen a new direction in recent months.

That as the Councillor made note of a recent event he attended where he heard some background about the plans of the Columbus House, which the Councillor notes recently took over the operations of Wayne Place and Kaien Place residences in the City.

The Society which is affiliated with the Knight of Columbus operates a number of seniors residences in the Lower mainland, offering the goal to provide conveniently located, affordable, multi-cultural and home-like seniors’ housing at each of our residences

As part of his review of the housing situation for Seniors, the Councillor observed that as the city is hoping for population growth, that housing will be a key issue to consider and how there is a desire for the City to ensure that residents to consider Prince Rupert as a place to spend the rest of their lives.

Observing as to how the issue of Seniors Housing will be an important part of future community development, Mr. Adey made note of the commitment of the Columbus House group and how they are considering establishing a presence with further Seniors facilities for the community in the future.

"They were very clearly committed to sort of a short term and long term piece. The short term being to remediate the two housing complexes as they are; so that the resident's experiences there  are more comfortable. But also potentially looking at a new building down the road, so I see that as a good development in terms of providing for some stability"

You can learn more about the work of Columbus Homes here.

A review of Councillor Adey's observations can be explored from the City's Video Archive starting at the thirty seven minute mark.

The quest for more Seniors units will see a significant milestone in the not too distant future, once tenants begin to move into the new Cedar Village Housing Village, that Metlakatla led facility at Seventh Avenue East at Green Street is currently accepting applications until Friday.

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