Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Thursday is Shake Out Day, as British Columbians test their preparation for a major earthquake

The annual exercise to test our Earthquake preparation plans is almost upon us, with Thursday, October 17th the date for the Great British Columbia Shake Out.

The Shake Out goes at 10:17 tomorrow morning and  offers up some practice time for British Columbians across the province  to put their school, work or individual plans to the test.

The annual program carries the traditional advice of Drop, Cover and Hold On should an earthquake strike, as well as to make British Columbians aware of the many other things to keep in mind prior to, during and after any significant seismic event.

Their Shake Out Resources page provides for a number of fact sheets and backgrounder pieces that cover off pretty well every scenario that may come about as a result of an earthquake, see the full list of what's available here.

So far on the North Coast,  8,984 participants have been registered for tomorrow's Shake Out, the bulk of those taken from the elementary and secondary schools of the region as well as from a number of community groups.

Those looking to add their name to the list can do so here.

Last year over 910,000 British Columbians took part in the exercise, organizers are hoping that 2019 will top that number. As of Sunday, over 770,000 had registered so far.

Prepared BC also makes the most of the one day awareness session, providing for a range of background on how to prepare for earthquake and tsunami dangers. The government program offers residents an Earthquake and Tsunami Guide to review, which explores a range of material on earthquakes from historical events, to the risks to the province, as well as how to plan for any events.

You can explore the Prepared BC information page to review some of their tips on how to be as well prepared as possible.

You can follow more developments on tomorrow's ShakeOut from the ShakeOut BC twitter feed and facebook page.

To get a glimpse of some of the recent history of seismic events in British Columbia, including the North Coast, Haida Gwaii and Southeast Alaska coast see our archive page here.

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