Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Prince Rupert Curling Club to seek out grant funding towards ice making woes

Prince Rupert City Council will write a letter of support for the
Prince Rupert Curling Club as it seeks out funding for improvements
for the Seal Cove facility

With the Curling season now curtailed until new ice making machinery can be purchased, the members of the Prince Rupert Curling Club are looking towards accessing grant funding from Northern Development Initiative Trust to be put use in the replacement of the now outdated equipment in place.

We made note of the situation at the Curling Club earlier this month, that after the Curling Club informed its membership of the status of the ice making machinery and how it does not meet current operation regulations.

Monday night Prince Rupert City Council took up the community cause, by receiving a correspondence from the Curling Club; which was seeking a letter of Support from the City to assist with their request for funding from the Northern Development Initiative Trust's Community Halls and Recreation Facilities Funding program.

Mayor Lee Brain introduced the request for the letter of support, with Councillor Niesh speaking to the topic and offering up his support for their initiative.

"I definitely think that we want to do as much as we can to support recreation options for people, especially when we're trying to encourage people to move to this town and I think we need go give as many options as we can .... I definitely would love to see the Curling Club up and running again"

Council followed up the short commentary with a vote to approve the writing of the letter of support.

Council's discussion of the request can be found from the City's Video Archive starting at the twenty seven minute mark ...

You can follow along with Curling Club's plans towards the funding and other items of note about the Seal Cove facility from their Facebook page.

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