Thursday, October 24, 2019

UBCM, rail crossings and coal dust among District of Port Edward's notes for October

The latest update for residents of the District of Port Edward brings an update on some of the recent travels of the District Council and some of the work they have taken on to resolve some long standing issues in the community.

The message from Mayor Knut Bjorndal, which is now posted to the District website, offers up a quick recap of the Council's work at the September UBCM meetings.

From his account, the week-long convention offered Port Edward representatives a chance to meet with the Minister of Education, Solicitor General, Minister of Environment and Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

Among the themes covered in those talks, education in the community, policing issues, coal dust concerns and notes on Diana Lake, as well as the fate of the Rural Dividend program and topics related to the North Pacific Cannery.

Further to the Coal Dust issue in the community, the Mayor observed how they impressed upon the Environment Minister of the need to address the situation of coal dust from Ridley Terminals settling in the District town site, with Mayor Bjorndal making note of the following:

"The Minister and his staff are now aware of the issue and have advised the District to follow up with their senior staff to clarify conditions and mitigation requirements so that we can address this longstanding issue."

The District also announced through their newsletter that they have retained legal counsel to advise on several outstanding issues related to their goal of train whistling cessation, noting how the topic is a priority for the District Council.

"We are awaiting an inspection of the crossings by Transport Canada to confirm whether any further crossing upgrades are required, which we have been told will occur over the next few months"

Mr. Bjorndal also address some of the community's questions on the lack of road work from the recent summer, noting how they did not undertake any projects over the summer as they are looking to secure the majority of the costs from grants to manage the cost of the work.

Towards future plans, the Port Edward Mayor observed how the District is confident that they will secure federal funding for future projects, but that they are awaiting the return of the government following the Federal election for a clearer picture of where things stand when it comes to the grant process.

One other issue of some note in the District in recent months was also addressed in the Mayor's letter, with Mr. Bjorndal noting that the muskeg pile is in the process of being moved to a site at Tyee, however it will be at least one more month until it is fully removed, anticipated for the end of November.

You can review those notes as well as number of other items of interest for District residents here.

For more background on past notes from the District see our archive page.

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