Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Shames Mountain preparing for 2019-20 Ski Season

The hints are out there for us, the windy and wet weather, the cooler temperatures and before we know it, snow on the mountains around Terrace and beyond.

And with those days of snow,  another Season of skiing and snowboarding ahead for Shames Mountain and other locales around the Northwest.

Before too long, the weekly exodus of North Coast ski enthusiasts will be making the one hour or so trip down Highway 16 to Terrace, some further along Highway 16 to Hazelton, or Smithers and the chance to hit the slopes with renewed energy after a far too long  hiatus from their pursuits.

The crew at the My Mountain Co-op is working towards the new season with work on the hill and employment opportunities available for when the first snow starts to fly.

Towards the start of the season, My Mountain Co-op is also looking for volunteers, with this weekend the next opportunity to lend a hand with brushing and some of the odd jobs that need to be taken care of before the season opens.

The weekend work part starts at 10AM  with one  more scheduled for November 2nd, find out more about the project and how you can confirm your participation here.

With a return to the school year, Shames is bringing back their Student Season Pass Sale for Full Time Post Secondary students, with the deadline to pick up the 306 dollar passes coming up fast on November 1st.

The Mountain also has other discounts in place up until the November 1st deadline.

You can learn more about the season ahead from the My Mountain Co-op website and Facebook page.

To keep up with events through the 2019-20 ski season see our archive page here.

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