Monday, October 28, 2019

Bottle, Can and Beverage container returnees set to reap more money for their efforts

Prince Rupert's Return It Centre may be particularly busy on Friday
as North Coast residents take advantage of new return rates for
beverage containers under 1 litre

A change in the deposit price for beverage containers is about to make taking your bottles, cans and other containers back a much more rewarding experience.

Last week, Encorp Pacific outlined the new pricing structure for deposit charges and refunds, with the Industry owned, not for profit organization known as Return-It set to increase the deposit for non alcohol beverage containers up to and including 1 litre to 10 cents, a five cent increase from the current rate.

The move is part of an industry initiative to encourage British Columbians to recycle more containers in order to keep them out of local landfills.

"Raising the deposit value will provide additional incentive for consumers to return their beverage containers. B.C. is already a leader when it comes to protecting our environment and being at the forefront of industry product stewardship. The increase we are announcing today is an important step forward to optimize our system and increase recovery rates." -- Allen Langdon, President & CEO of Return-It.

As of this Friday, the new charge of 10 cents per container will go into effect at wherever you purchase your beverages, the increase will cover all ready-to-drink beverage containers containing soft drinks, juice, water, energy and sport drinks up to and including 1 litre in size.

At the same time, those returning their bottles to their local depot will receive the ten cent refund when they recycle them at the Return-It facility.

Deposits for beverage containers in the Return-It system that are above 1 litre will not be impacted by  the latest announcement.

Learn more about Friday's changes here.

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