Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Another NDP cabinet minister making tracks for Terrace

Residents of the Terrace area will see the latest in what has been a stream of Cabinet ministers arrive in town for a visit next month.

That as Shane Simpson, the Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction hosts a Consultation Session to discuss the development of accessibility legislation for the province.

The meeting set for Saturday November 9th will take place at the Terrace Sportsplex on Kalum Avenue from 1 to 3:30 PM, with the invitation open for people with disabilities, their friends and families as well as advocates to share their thoughts with the Minister.

NDP cabinet Minister
will be hosting a
community consultation
in Terrace on November 9
It is the only one of the ten sessions that have been scheduled  towards the theme to take place in the Northwest.

You can learn more about the consultation tour here.

Residents of the region, not inclined to make the drive to Terrace, can also take part in an online  questionnaire that will take approximately ten minutes of your time.

More background on Mr. Simpson's visit and the Accessibility Legislation consultation can be explored here.

Mr Simpson's planned trip to Terrace is one of a number of high profile visits by NDP cabinet ministers to the city in recent months.

Something which seems to suggest that the NDP, like the Liberals before them, believe that in the Northwest all roads to government consultation lead through Terrace.

Terrace is part of the Skeena riding currently held by Liberal MLA Ellis Ross and of late has become a community where Government consultations and major announcements seem to have made for significant focus for the John Horgan government in the last two years

For more items of note on the work of the BC Legislature see our archive page here.

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