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From the Legislature 2019

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments on the political scene in the northwest ridings.

For Notes on the Skeena Riding see our archive page here.

North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)

Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness
(appointed July 2017)

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General Overview Notes on the British Columbia Political Scene
(From our political blog  D'Arcy McGee)



September 17 -- With forestry industry in turmoil; BC Government outlines details to 69 million dollar support fund program  NCR
September 17 -- Union fears fish workers becoming a political football NCR
September 17 -- Vancouver Island road tragedy realized following twelve years of inaction on roads issues  NCR
September 13 -- Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Calgary, stands ready for Her Majesty's British Columbia Representative  NCR
September 13 -- Lt. Governor Janet Austin to launch tour of North Coast, Haida Gwaii and points south from Prince Rupert today NCR
September 12 -- New Conrad Playground gets Grand Opening Celebration  NCR
September 12 -- Child Care 101: After a Monday Council presentation, Prince Rupert City Council is ready for the test on Child Care  NCR
September 12 -- As Alaska Representative Dan Ortiz visits Prince Rupert; MLA Rice, MP Cullen speak to pending end of Alaska Ferry service to Prince Rupert  NCR
September 11 -- BC Government still sees sunny financial skies; but ICBC and global uncertainty make for gathering clouds NCR
September 9 -- When BC Ferries says one for the road, then mean ONE for the road!  NCR
September 9 -- Gimme Shelter ... with campus housing in Terrace and Smithers. When can students of Coast Mountain College in Prince Rupert expect similar accommodations?  NCR
September 6 -- New student housing on the way for Terrace campus of Coast Mountain College NCR
September 5 -- Work underway for Second Avenue West cross walk removal  NCR
September 5 -- BC government to all for 2.6% increase for rentals in 2020  NCR
September 5 -- Provincial government waiting on SD52 for progress on PRMS replacement  NCR
September 4 -- BC's NDP government gets into some school spirit with some new school celebrations NCR
September 4 -- BCUC Gasoline Price inquiry report has no stand alone reason for high cost of fuel  NCR


August 30 -- BC education talks break off without agreement; mediator calls for pause until September 23 NCR
August 30 -- Labour Day with the MLA!  NCR
August 30 -- MLA's to get mail, mail and more mail on themes of teacher's negotiations  NCR
August 29 -- Amid results of some elevated lead issues; City issues reminder for public of importance of 'flushing' of private homes and commercial buildings  NCR
August 29 -- With fall and winter approaching, ongoing housing issues will again come to the forefront of discussion   NCR
August 29 -- There will be no YOU in UBER in Prince Rupert; as ride sharing giant limits its plans to Vancouver for upcoming launch  NCR
August 28 -- Province/Tahltan Government outline the details of the Klappan Plan  NCR
August 27 -- Province to look for ways to expand on solutions to abandoned boats issue in coastal waters  NCR
August 23 -- Have Prince Rupert's fish workers been kicked to the curb by area politicians?  NCR
August 23 -- Lower Hydro Bills may be in the future ... Should BC Hydro's lower rate request be granted  NCR
August 23 -- Make it a Cow Bay lunch date with MLA Rice next Tuesday  NCR
August 20 -- The Scoops for Haida Gwaii are on MLA Rice  NCR
August 16 -- Summer Security Tour puts Heat Back on Speaker's Office  NCR
August 16 -- Free drivers training for Indigenous people in rural communities
August 15 -- Donaldson wants Federal help with forestry downturn
August 15 -- Province funds Indigenous driver training in Northwest BC
August 15 -- All Nations Driving Academy gets $360K boost province
August 15 -- Work BC Driver Training plans (video)
August 15 -- Province to partner with Terrace based Driving Academy to deliver Free Indigenous Driver training in Northwest  NCR
August 14 -- Port Clements and Masset receive funding for Housing Needs Report
August 14 -- Advance Ed minister in Terrace Thursday
August 13 -- Planting seeds of advice from a former BC forests minister (audio)
August 12 -- BC Forests minister Doug Donaldson on forestry crisis (audio)
August 12 -- Smithers, other northwest communities receive housing grants
August 12 -- Northwest and Haida Gwaii communities among those to share in provincial funding to map housing needs  NCR
August 7 -- BC Liberals face fine for election finance rules violation related to Prince Rupert contractor donation  NCR


July 30 -- Auditor General's report explores state of British Columbia's drinking water  NCR
July 30 -- Impact of increased trade through Port of Prince Rupert creating jobs, driving economic activity  NCR
July 29 -- Investigation underway into cause of Friday's float plane crash on Central Coast  NCR
July 29 -- Provincial Government wants feedback from British Columbians on plastics options  NCR
July 29 -- NDP make additions to the ranks of Parliamentary Secretaries  NCR
July 26 -- BC Ferries and BC Ferry Authority to host public meeting in August  NCR
July 26 -- Forests Minister Gets help
July 18 -- Heiltsuk Nation launches public relations campaign against Kirby Corp. (audio)
July 17 -- Ridley Terminals Sale raises a few questions for MP Nathan Cullen  NCR
July 17 -- Heiltsuk seek 'proper restitution' in wake of $2.9 million fine for Kirby International in Nathan E. Stewart sinking court case  NCR
July 16 -- Province expands on vehicle charging station plans for 2019  NCR
July 16 -- Heiltsuk First Nation gives victim impact statements (audio)
July 15 -- Heiltsuk First Nation prepares for Kirby Sentencing Day on Tuesday  NCR
July 15 -- Hecate Strait Wind Farm plans await land management decision from Province  NCR
July 15 -- MLA Rice brings Award of Recognition for Gunther and Nancy Golinia  NCR
July 15 -- BC Government seeks bids for Operators of BC Bus North  NCR
July 12 -- Joint federal-provincial plan will help stem decline of fish populations in BC
July 11 -- Province announces task force to improve access to healthy, homegrown food in BC
July 10 -- New provincial efforts will help keep BC logs in BC, and keep forestry workers employed
July 10 -- Auditor General report finds Liquor Distribution Branch not in compliance with government contract policies
July 10 -- New provincial open burning regulations to come in to effect his fall
July 10 -- BC prepares for era of Uber and Times for Lyfts ... but will Prince Rupert be along for the ride?  NCR
July 8 -- Province seeks your opinion on Transportation issues  NCR
July 5 -- New provincial survey asks for public feedback on Ministry of Transportation services
July 3 -- As 2019 Wildfire season heats up, Prepared BC introduces new Wildfire guide for residents to review   NCR


June 24 -- Great Expectations! MLA Jennifer Rice shares special family news with constituents through Social Media  NCR
June 24 -- Chamber Lunch and Learn event to share information on BC Immigrant worker program NCR
June 21 -- It's time for Horgan to demote his forest minister 
June 21 -- MLA Rice pens her own stories of success and NDP commitment to community for weekly paper  NCR
June 21 -- In tight vote, Oil Tanker Moratorium bill squeaks out Senate approval NCR
June 20 -- WorkSafe BC introduces new safety rules for commercial fishing  NCR
June 20 -- Realtors air concerns on Dual Agency restrictions for BC Finance Committee members  NCR
June 19 -- Royal British Columbia Museum seeks your counsel on modernization plans  NCR
June 19 -- Finance Committee hears range of views/commentary during Prince Rupert stop  NCR
June 18 -- Finance Committee session in Prince Rupert (video)
June 18 -- Resource Revenue Sharing among themes support by Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce at recent BC Chamber AGM  NCR
June 17 -- Better support for injured workers focus for WorkSafe review  NCR
June 13 -- Gitxsan meet with Minister Doug Donaldson regarding recreational fishing ban
June 12 -- Supportive Housing in Terrace (video)
June 12 -- Supportive Housing projects open in Terrace
June 11 -- 97 new  homes ready for their Terrace residents
June 11 -- Provincial funding announced to fight homelessness on a local level 
June 11 -- Two Ksan operated housing projects will bring nearly 100 affordable housing units to Terrace
June 11 -- Terrace now has close to 100 new affordable homes in place after official openings today  NCR
June 8 -- Political motives behind opposition to Nasoga Gulf question: Nisga'a Nation NCR
June 7 -- Provincial funding to help First Nations negotiate education agreements with school boards
June 7 -- Nasoga Gulf Dispute (video)
June 7 -- Nine Tribes of the Coast Tsimshian outline their solution to the Nasoga Gulf Controversy  NCR
June 7 -- Nisga'a say politics behind land purchase opposition
June 7 -- Tsimshian blockage spreads offer of collaboration on Nasoga Gulf Lands
June 7 -- Coast Tsimshian propose collaboration in dispute with Nisga'a over Nasoga Gulf Lands 
June 7 -- Coast Tsimshian Tribes set up info blockade on Highway 16 at Kasiks, in territory dispute with Nisga'a, BC Government
June 7 -- Coastal First Nations seek province to engage in Nasoga Gulf controversy NCR
June 7 -- Coast Tsimshian release demands and shared solutions on land dispute with Nisga'a
June 7 -- Tsimshian bands joining up for information blockade west of Terrace on proposed land sale
June 7 -- Lands not for sale: Coast Tsimshian blockade
June 7 -- Former Mayor Jack, has Jennifer's back! Especially when it comes to provincial funding for City Council  NCR
June 6 -- BC Forests Minister Doug Donaldson on sawmill closures  (audio)
June 6 -- Harold Leighton and John Helin: NDP betraying First Nations by trying to sell our land to Nisga'a 
June 6 -- Coast Tsimshian plan information blockade along Highway 16
June 6 -- Thank you to MLA Rice for $8M grant to the city (letter to NV editor)
June 5 -- Public safety and public relations: BC tourism gets provincial funding during wildfire season
June 4 -- BC government provides $100,000 to CCCTA for emergency preparedness
June 4 -- Nasoga Gulf question, Economic Development and reconciliation discussions among the themes for Community Information sessions ahead for Lax Kw'alaams members  NCR
June 3 -- Provincial Port Tax Process said to be set for review by Ministry of Finance  NCR
June 3 -- With currents of genocide and colonialism, MMIWG Commissioners deliver Final Report  NCR


May 31 -- Chaotic end to Legislature session, leaves Speaker Darryl Plecas once again the centre of attention  NCR
May 31 -- AltaGas opening makes for Legislature notes for MLA Rice  NCR
May 31 -- Jennifer Rice offers chance for Premier Horgan to highlight infrastructure, Internet and cel phone initiatives for Haida Gwaii and North Coast  NCR
May 30 -- Legislature's Police Complaint Committee seeking public feedback on complaint process NCR
May 29 -- Government funding bike trail expansions in Northern BC
May 28 -- In Legislature debate, MLA Rice dismisses Liberal's comments on lack of government consultation  NCR
May 28 -- MLA Rice feels pressure from local teachers as contract negotiations continue  NCR
May 24 -- City of Prince Rupert call for de-incorporation of Port Edward not gaining much traction with the Province  NCR
May 24 -- Coast Mountain College members among those to ratify new 3 year deal with the province NCR
May 24 -- Haida Gwaii and Bella organizations receive funding for arts and culture
May 24 -- Northwest Fire Centre adds to prohibitions as weekend arrives   NCR
May 22 -- Northwest to benefit from new housing provincial housing partnership
May 22 -- BCUC investigation into gas prices set to get underway  NCR
May 22 -- Mills Hospital approval brings Terrace one step closer to new Trauma Three level facility  NCR
May 21 -- Mid June date scheduled for Northwest residents to share Budget thoughts with the BC Government  NCR
May 18 -- MLA's Week: May 13-16, 2019
May 17 -- MLA Coralee Oakes on wildfires and forestry job loses (audio)
May 17 -- Nathan Cullen speaks out on stalled tanker bill and the 'promise of democracy' NCR
May 16 -- MLA Jennifer Rice disappointed by Senate Committee recommendation, but urging optimism (audio)
May 16 -- Concerns over democracy as Senate Committee votes to nix oil tanker ban
May 16 -- Tanker Ban Bill takes on water as Senate Committee recommends against proceeding  NCR
May 14 -- Jennifer Rice shares personal notes as part of Legislature discussion in opposition to Conversion Therapy  NCR
May 11 -- MLA's Week: May 6 to 9, 2019  NCR
May 10 -- Nisga'a and Province celebrate 19th year of the Nisga'a Treaty  NCR
May 10 -- Exstew River recreation site will once again be closed over May Long weekend  NCR
May 10 -- Expect delays for the foreseeable future ... as Mile 28 Railway crossing project between Prince Rupert and Terrace goes to the shelf  NCR
May 9 -- Committee recommends big changes to Fisheries Act
May 8 -- MLA Jennifer Rice and MP Nathan Cullen both support new West Coast fisheries recommendations
May 8 -- Commons Committee on West Coast Fishery delivers 20 recommendations for Government review  NCR
May 7 -- Preparing for Emergencies the plan for the week, as BC observes Emergency Preparation Week  NCR
May 7 -- MLA Rice challenges the BC Liberal narrative as part of Trans Mountain private member's motion  NCR
May 6 -- Doug Donaldson offers condolences to victims of Saturday's aircraft crash near Smithers  NCR
May 6 -- With anticipations of another hot year for the Northwest woods, the province sets up some funding for the year ahead  NCR
May 4 -- MLA's Week: April 29-May 2, 2019  NCR
May 3 --  Province distributes most recent Rural Dividend Money  NCR


April 25 -- BC and Federal government to split rural bus route funding for two years
April 24 -- BC Bus North continuing for second year
April 24 -- BC's Provincial Health Officer calls for the decriminalization of drug users
April 23 -- Province invests 2.24 million in BC Assembly of First nations economic development strategy
April 23 -- New ferry ready to start making northern trips
April 19 -- Senators make way back to Ottawa with much to review, following two days in the Northwest  NCR
April 18 -- Premier disappointed in bad decisions leading to Chinook fishing restrictions
April 17 -- Water is life for coastal communities, says MLA Jennifer Rice in Senate Committee testimony
April 15 -- Special Needs Hearings
April 15 -- Province hosting public consultations to improve special needs support processes
April 15 -- MLA Jennifer Rice commends new crime reduction funding for the Northcoast
April 15 -- Gitga'at to host Information Sharing session on Treaty negotiations NCR
April 15 -- Mile 28 Highway 16 overpass seems stalled in the planning stage  NCR
April 13 -- MLA's Week: April 8-11, 2019  NCR
April 12 -- Province reaffirms commitment to early child care with new investments
April 12 -- MLA Rice celebrates debate on Coastal Ferries Act amendments at Legislature  NCR
April 11 -- Highliner Plaza Hotel to host Senate Hearings on Oil tanker moratorium in Prince Rupert/ Terrace  NCR
April 10 -- B.C. Legislature pays respect to vital role of emergency call takers and dispatchers in the province  NCR
April 8 -- Tsunami Preparation Week in British Columbia underway  NCR
April 5 -- Nass Valley latest region to see stirrings for potential LNG development  NCR
April 5 -- Government run BC Cannabis latest to apply for licence for plans to operate in Prince Rupert NCR
April 4 -- With new amendments, BC government looks to 'enshrine public interest' in ferry service model  NCR
April 4 -- Jennifer Rice speaks to Tsunami Preparedness at Wednesday session of Legislature   NCR
April 3 -- BC Ferries Commissioner seeks public input on proposed Ferry fare increases for 2020-2024  NCR
April 2 -- Prince Rupert's Nancy and Gunther Golinia to be honoured by Province in May event  NCR
April 2 -- Second Kitimat area LNG project moves forward with NEB process  NCR
April 1 -- MLA Rice gets hall pass so far in Bill 10 debate on LNG  NCR


March 30 -- MLA's Week: March 25-28, 2019  NCR
March 30 -- Missed opportunities of the past, frame the Bill 10 discussion for Ellis Ross in the Legislature this week  NCR
March 29 -- Ghost of Pacific Northwest LNG project floated in Legislature debate this week  NCR
March 29 -- BC Ferries Northern routes to see service increase as of April 1st  NCR
March 28 -- CCCTA looking forward to Northern Sea Wolf setting sail on new route
March 28 -- $8M for Prince Rupert, $2M for Port Edward as province outlines amounts to be delivered to Northwest communities from funding program of February  NCR
March 26 -- Province releases new freshwater fishing guide and updated regulations  NCR
March 26 -- Lax Kw'alaams to test BC government jurisdiction over energy projects  NCR
March 26 -- Ross/Rice return to Legislature work with differing view on Indigenous engagement in BC  NCR
March 25 -- Province Steps up with funding for Ground Search and Rescue across BC  NCR
March 22 -- 25K for Prince Rupert as Child Care assessments to be focus for provincial funding announced for Northwest  NCR
March 22 -- Northwest communities to share in Emergency Preparation Planning  NCR
March 22 -- Mobile Unit to bring mental health and addictions help to Northwest  NCR
March 22 -- If travel plans are in your future, keep those Winter Tires on just a bit longer ... it's the law! NCR
March 19 -- Federal and BC Governments now accepting proposals on restoring Pacific Salmon and other fishery initiatives  NCR
March 12 -- North Coast Social Worker's efforts recognized during Social Workers Week  NCR
March 11 -- Wild Salmon Report focuses on three goals for Made in BC strategy  NCR
March 8 -- BC Government delivers funding for two Prince Rupert Arts Groups  NCR
March 8 -- Crow's Nest Lodge opens in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 8 -- Political statements make for the introduction for International Women's Day 2019  NCR
March 7 -- Highway 16 Transportation passenger program and MLA Rice receive accolades in Legislature statement  NCR
March 6 -- SD52 to receive 1.5 million in funding for school enhancement  NCR
March 2 -- MLA's Week: February 25 to 28 2019  NCR


February 28 -- Metlakatla and Federal, Provincial governments move to final stage of treaty discussions  NCR
February 27 -- MLA Rice delivers Legislature tribute to Wild William Wesley  NCR
February 27 -- Nisga'a Nation gains close to 500,000 in funding for skills training programs  NCR
February 26 -- MLA's Rice and Ross exchange views on recent funding announcement for the Northwest  NCR
February 22 -- MLA Rice celebrates Henry Wong's 100th with Legislature mention  NCR
February 22 -- BC Ferries: Service cuts to be reversed in wake of ferry review
February 22 -- BC Government reverses course on ferry cuts, hold fares
February 22 -- Provincial Government to return BC Ferries sailings removed in 2014 (video)
February 22 -- BC Ferries to add trips to routes cut back in 2014, but some want further reforms
February 22 -- More sailings coming to Haida Gwaii
February 22 -- Northern residents rejoice at increased BC Ferries sailings
February 22 -- MLA Jennifer Rice calls restoration of 10 BC Ferries routes amazing news for the entire North Coast  (audio)
February 22 -- BC Government to increase service on BC Ferries coastal routes  NCR
February 20 -- A Steady as She Goes Budget for Carole James and the NDP  NCR
February 19 -- Finance Minister Carole James set to deliver NDP budget  NCR
February 19 -- Mayor, MLA make use of the weekend to hail Provincial government's funding announcement  NCR
February 18 -- Provincial funding to help expand programs of support for First Nations Languages NCR
February 16 -- MLA's Week: February 12-14 NCR
February 16 -- Province unveils $100 million grant for Northern BC communities
February 16 -- Province announces $100 million grant funding for Northwest communities
February 16 -- Province of British Columbia announces captial grant program for Northwest communities  NCR
February 15 -- Quiet week for Northwest MLA's as Legislature returns  NCR
February 15 -- Mayor's latest travels take him to Victoria for talks with provincial officials NCR
February 8 -- Special Committee for Review of the Police complaint process gets to work in Victoria  NCR
February 7 -- Fresh start ahead for MLA's as Legislature re-opening arrives next week  NCR


January 18 -- Applause for Port's Lelu Island announcement from MLA Rice  NCR
January 18 -- MLA Rice to host Brown Bag Lunch event at Ocean Centre Mall office  NCR
January 17 -- Mayor Brain offers new update on water situation, observes on some of the current commentary in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 17 -- Social media strains over Prince Rupert's boil water notice
January 17 -- MLA Rice offers response to City Council's call for letters  NCR
January 17 -- The North Matters looks to open Builkley Valley chapter
January 17 -- Rural Dividend Grants deliver thirty thousand dollars to Terrace initiatives; no funding for this round for Prince Rupert area  NCR
January 17 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross keeps high profile on concerns over First Nations Leadership issues  NCR
January 15 -- City asks residents to write MLA, MP to help with water issues
January 15 -- Monday's City Council Water review -- much of the same territory of the last month covered; along with a few notes to share NCR
January 11 -- NDP MLA acknowledges B.C. government must work with both band councils and hereditary chiefs
January 11 -- MLA Ellis Ross pens letter requesting clarification on fellow MLA Jennifer Rice's comments
January 11 -- MLA Rice's clarifications' on behalf of Premier Horgan, make for political flashpoint in the Northwest  NCR
January 11 -- Province celebrates success of Highway 16 Transportation program  NCR
January 11 -- Prince Rupert's Boil Water Notice: 29 Days at 100 degrees celsius ... and counting  NCR
January 9 -- MLA's office reopens for business following Tuesday closure  NCR
January 8 -- Prince Rupert one of a number of locations holding protests over Gidimt'en checkpoint arrests of Monday NCR
January 7 -- On Prince Rupert water issues, the North Coast MLA is more less MIA  NCR

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