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From the Legislature 2018

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments on the political scene in the northwest ridings.

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North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)

Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness
(appointed July 2017)

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General Overview Notes on the British Columbia Political Scene
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December 27 -- MLA Jennifer Rice on the political year ahead
December 24 -- Prince Rupert Homeless Shelter receives extended funding through the winter  NCR
December 21 -- Northern Ridings vote against Pro-Rep in landslide
December 21 -- While majority chose First Past the Post, referendum results note differing opinions on electoral reform across Northwest BC  NCR
December 20 -- For Premier Horgan, when it comes to changing the electoral system the answer from the votes was a resounding No!   NCR
December 19 -- First Nations LNG Alliance meets in Prince Rupert in support of resource development  NCR
December 17 -- In this season of gift giving, the BC NDP is asking you for just one gift ...  NCR
December 12 -- Prince Rupert among Northwest communities to received funding for Emergency Services  NCR
December 12 -- Province appoints new BC Treaty Commissioner
December 12 -- Queen's Counsel list features local lawyer among list of twenty eight  NCR
December 7 -- Final Day for Referendum voting  NCR
December 6 -- Wild Salmon Advisory Council sets two community engagements for North Coast/Haida Gwaii  NCR
December 6 -- B.C.'s salmon advisory council skips Terrace
December 6 -- Province of British Columbia rolls out Climate Plan  NCR
December 4 -- MP and MLA set to host Holiday Open House in Prince Rupert  NCR
December 1  -- MLA's Week: November 26 & 27, 2018 NCR


November 30 -- BC Government to share Gaming revenue with First Nations  NCR
November 29 -- BC Legislature breaks for Christmas with NDP looking to showcase highlights; but trapped by public's view of chaotic end NCR
November 29 -- British Columbia outlines Free Use Permit for Christmas tree cutting  NCR
November 29 -- Ellis Ross returns to themes of electoral reform for final day of Fall session  NCR
November 29 -- Referendum campaign not resonating with North Coast Voters, with but a 19 percent return rate with one week to go before voting closes  NCR
November 28 -- Wednesday afternoon alerts, put Province's Emergency Alert System to the test NCR
November 26 -- Provincial Budget Consultations deliver call for improved Ferry Service on North Coast/Haida Gwaii  NCR
November 26 -- Lax Kw'alaams receives provincial funding for both On and Off Reserve Housing initiatives  NCR
November 24 -- MLA's Week: November 19-22, 2018  NCR
November 23 -- Final day for registration for electoral process referendum, as mailing deadline gets an extension until December 7th  NCR
November 23 -- Controversy swirls around Legislature Speaker over ousting of officials  NCR
November 22 -- BC Ferries Quarterly Report charts financial plans for years ahead  NCR
November 22 -- Skeena MLA Ross questions Minister on elements of new EA Process plans  NCR
November 22 -- Fishery study explores global options for answers to British Columbia industry problems  NCR
November 21 -- Ellis Ross warns of Foreign Influence on resource development  NCR
November 21 -- Scientists call for further reforms for Government's newly released Environmental Assessment Process  NCR
November 20 -- With LNG moving forward in Northwest, MLA Ellis Ross calls for community supports from NDP government  NCR
November 16 -- Compared to points east, BC Government's Grants in Lieu of Taxes delivers minor returns to Prince Rupert  NCR
November 15 -- Public consultations lead to 100 recommendations for 2019 budget
November 15 -- Province releases annual grants-in-lieu of property taxes
November 15 -- Low turnout leads to concern from both sides of electoral reform referendum
November 15 -- Mail box balloting for MLA Rice, who shares her priorities with constituents  NCR
November 14 -- BC Governmen't's housing plans bring housing options to Smithers, Telkwa and Haida Gwaii NCR
November 14 -- Prince Rupert organizations gain share of government funding from gambling revenues  NCR
November 13 -- Province announced $10 million in additional wildfire relief
November 13 -- Province reaches tentative agreement with health science employees
November 13 -- Province announces 4,900 new affordable rental homes across BC
November 10 -- MLA's Week: November 5-8, 2018 NCR
November 9 -- New affordable child care launching in BC
November 9 -- Electoral reform debate punchy, but not a knock out
November 9 -- Province launches public consultations in to real estate money laundering
November 9 -- Rupert sports, culture and arts organizations receive $183,830
November 9 -- Referendum Rumble resolves little NCR
November 8 -- New legislation aims to improve working conditions for health care aides
November 8 -- Premier John Horgan and Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson to debate electoral reform tonight
November 8 -- Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Stewards of the Future program
November 8 -- With interest lukewarm at best, Premier Horgan and Liberal leader Wilkinson look to spur on referendum discussion with debate tonight  NCR
November 7 -- Application process for Community Crime Prevention Grants opens today
November 7 -- New program will help seniors and those with disabilities better bolster properties against wildfires
November 7 -- 45.5 million dollars in Community Gamgin Grants awarded by province
November 7 -- Province announces trades funding for Northern BC Colleges
November 7 -- North Coast MLA highlights Trades opportunities across BC, while province adds funding for Coast Mountain college program  NCR
November 6 -- New Environmental Assessment rules call for additonal consultation with First Nations  NCR
November 6 -- 570 kms of BC Highways to face speed reductions
November 6 -- Steps to follow if you haven't received your referendum voting package
November 6 -- Councillor Cunningham looks to keep North Coast issues on health high on the agenda for Northern Health and the Minister  NCR
November 5 -- New legislation to modernize environmental assessment process
November 5 -- Saturday marked 20th anniversary of Nisga'a treaty signing
November 5 -- Lack of Understanding could play huge role in electoral reform
November 5 -- Ombudsperson kept busy during Northwest tour
November 3 -- MLA's Week: October 29 - November 1, 2018 NCR
November 2 -- Three new programs aim to improve child care options for Indigenous communities
November 2 -- Premier reveals his referendum choice
November 2 -- Winter Warming Shelters now open across Northwest  NCR
November 1 -- BC Bus North Schedule changes take effect Monday  NCR
November 1 -- No Trick ... and certainly No Treat! ICBC premium rates to increase for some drivers today  NCR
November 1 -- BC to re-establish human rights commission
November 1 -- North Coast MLA praises work of early education advocated Kate Toye NCR


October 31 -- Minister Sims speaks on need for improved connectivity in northern BC
October 31 -- Land clearing complete, Prince Rupert Supportive Housing site sits ready for construction phase  NCR
October 30 -- MLA Rice hails advances, recounts history on themes of highway transportation across Northern BC  NCR
October 29 -- Door to Door with a message to deliver, but for facts on how it all works ... we'll have to dig a little deeper  NCR
October 26 -- Robo calling our way to referendum NCR
October 26 -- Province offers support for women, children fleeing violence
October 26 -- Two Northwest communities to host Transition housing projects  NCR
October 24 -- MLA Rice hails 45 years of civic participation from Prince Rupert's Filipino community  NCR
October 22 -- Electoral reform referendum packages shipped out today
October 19 -- Heiltsuk marine response concerns gain little reaction from North Coast MLA  NCR
October 19 -- Wild Salmon Council Report delivers recommendations and goals on the fate of British Columbia's Wild Salmon  NCR
October 18 -- BC to shake it our at 10:18 this morning  NCR
October 17 -- Adult literacy funding to be delivered across Northwest BC  NCR
October 17 -- MLA Rice calls on the broadcasting ghost of Christy Clark to push for electoral reform  NCR
October 17 -- Not quite the wild west of pot smoking; as cannabis legalization arrives, there are still some rule to follow  NCR
October 16 -- Rupert Lawn and Garden recognized by BC Government at start of Small Business week  NCR
October 16 -- MLA Rice speaks to issues of Prince Rupert poverty in Bill 39 debate  NCR
October 15 -- Referendum discussion set to heat up as mail in vote nears  NCR
October 15 -- Overdose crisis funding distribution stops at Smithers for this round of government action  NCR
October 12 -- Province allocates funding to combat overdose crisis at local level
October 12 -- MLA Rice expresses strong enthusiasm for LNG development ... in Kitimat  NCR
October 5 -- LNG has Northcoast MLA Jennifer Rice excited for the future (audio)


September 24 -- Prince Rupert hosts Ombudsperson tour for two days next week  NCR
September 17 -- Province launches consultation period for 2019 Budget process NCR
September 17 -- Premier Horgan's UBCM address highlights need to work with communities when it comes to range os issues  NCR
September 14 -- Prince Rupert's BC Commercial Fisheries resolution for UBCM gains endorsement from convention   NCR
September 14 -- Referendum on election of MLA's to gain some momentum as fall vote approaches  NCR
September 13 -- Infrastructure grant funding programs come out of UBCM Session Wednesday NCR
September 12 -- Haida Gwaii officials share BC Ferry concerns with Transportation Minister Claire Trevena at UBCM  NCR
September 12 -- BCTF launches fall push to end participation in FSA testing in schools NCR
September 7 -- BC Hydro suspension of Standing Offer Program on Clean Energy proposals, may have impact on City's hydro generating plans  NCR
September 7 -- Lack of attention on rural issues spawns new political movement, with launch of Rural BC Party  NCR
September 5 -- NDP Minister Scott Fraser to visit Lax Kw'alaams Thursday NCR
September 5 -- BC budget consultations destined for Haida Gwaii; skip over Prince Rupert for another year  NCR
September 3 -- Labour Day marked by statements from politicians and labour leaders  NCR


August 30 -- Grand Opening for Jennifer Rice's constituency office  (video)
August 29 -- Provincial state of emergency extended
August 29 -- Province extending state of emergency due to wildfires
August 29 -- Province files lawsuit against opioid manufacturers
August 29 -- Auditor General of British Columbia takes issue with budget release
August 28 -- Public Accounts Budget shows $301 million surplus for BC
August 27 -- Province makes agreement with 16,000 community service employees
August 27 -- Wildfire season officially second worst in BC history
August 27 -- Provincial government invests in 33 public school projects in first 15 months
August 24 -- Public consultation schedule for 2019 budget released
August 24 -- Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative hits 3,000 applications
August 22 -- Emergency Management BC Executive Director issues statements regarding evacuation orders
August 21 -- Premier Horgan addresses wildfires, concerned of Dry Forests from previous seasons
August 21 -- "This could be the new normal: Premier John Horgan on Wildfire situation
August 21 -- Premier Horgan says B.C. needs to increase fire mitigation spending to adapt to 'the new normal'  (audio)
August 21 -- Premier Horgan addresses media in Prince George
August 21 -- Premier Horgan addresses wildfires, concerned of dry forests from previous seasons
August 21 -- Tahltan Central Government asks province to ban hunting on their territories
August 20 -- MLA Jennifer Rice's Legislature mid year review (video)
August 17 -- First Nations say fragmented system hampering wildfire communication
August 17 -- MLA's mid-summer review puts focus on Housing, Transportation  NCR
August 16 -- Andrew Weaver calls for banning of foreign property purchasers
August 15 -- BCFED calls for government to work together on a pharmacare solution
August 15 -- Rice on emergency preparedness in wildfire season
August 15 -- BC Government declares state of emergency
August 15 -- Minister of Safety Mike Farnworth declares provincial state of emergency
August 15 -- State of Emergency declared as Wildfire Crews continue to work multiple fires across the province NCR
August 14 -- Did the province act quickly enough to stop wildfires in northern BC  (audio)
August 14 -- MLA Rice to host community coffee chat today  NCR
August 13 -- Jennifer Rice on wildfire response (video)
August 13 -- Province requests Federal assistance in Wildfire fights  NCR
August 10 -- "A Missed Opportunity for Reconciliation" ... Heiltsuk First Nation disappointed after Federal contract award on ocean towing  NCR
August 9 -- Ridley Terminals goes back on the market  NCR
August 9 -- Regional Politicians tour the Telegraph Lake/Dease Lake area to assess wildfire situation  NCR
August 8 -- Northwest First Nations contribute cash and assistance to the Telegraph Creek wildfire efforts  NCR
August 7 -- Northwest wildfire consumes some structures at Telegraph Creek, residents evacuated around Northwest   NCR
August 7 -- Northwest Wildfires of 2018  NCR
August 7 -- Mayor Brain, Councillor Mirau offer housing response in wake of recent permissive tax exemption decision  NCR
August 1 -- City confirms extension for Extreme Weather Shelter on Third Avenue West NCR
August 1 -- Shovels in the ground for Port Edward's seniors housing
August 1 -- CityWest partner, Strathcona Regional District to put Connected Coast Broadband plans to Alternate Approval Process  NCR
August 1 -- Province breaks ground on Prince rupert's modular housing project
August 1 -- A few timely reminders for the NDP that when it comes to Transportation on the North Coast/Haida Gwaii ... There's still a fair bit of work to do  NCR


July 31 -- New supportive housing for homeless coming to Prince Rupert
July 31 -- Timeline shifts for Park Avenue Supportive Housing in Prince Rupert  NCR
July 31 -- BC North Bus proving to be popular option for Northwest  NCR
July 30 -- Four Northwest Airports and Bella Coola to benefit from funding program  NCR
July 20 -- Northwest BC models could offer options for Federal, Provincial governments on Greyhound line closures  NCR
July 19 -- John Horgan, Jennifer Rice celebrate their first year on the government side of the BC Legislature  NCR
July 18 -- B.C. Ferries apologizes for delays in new route transporting tourists form Vancouver Island to Bella Coola  (audio)
July 18 -- MP Nathan Cullen and MLA Mike Morris to take up theme of Electoral reform in debate tonight in Terrace  NCR
July 17 -- Province creates framework for development of major projects  NCR
July 17 -- Direct B.C. Ferries service to Bella Coola delayed until after summer impacting tourism
July 16 -- Elections BC lays out rules for October Municipal/School District elections  NCR
July 16 -- Politicians, supporters devour Gary Mason article on past Liberal governance  NCR
July 13 -- Battle lines on fall voting process referendum start out with a cash infusion  NCR
July 13 -- Community consultations, like one in Prince Rupert, helped to lay foundation for Province's Poverty reduction study  NCR
July 12 -- Summer travel season all but lost for the Northern Sea Wolf NCR
July 11 -- Refit delays direct ferry route between Bella Bella and Port Hardy until September
July 10 -- "Huge disappointment" as BCVT learns Northern Sea Wolf will not sail this summer
July 9 -- Province's Employer's Health Tax to make hit on City's future budget planning  NCR


June 27 -- Frustrated at the progress for reform at the Federal level, NDP MP Nathan Cullen joins in on provincial debate  NCR
June 26 -- Province names Terrace as latest community to host Foundry Youth Centre program  NCR
June 26 -- With a tweak to the question, the Province of BC outlines its electoral reform referendum regulations  NCR
June 22 -- Province's Salmon Farm plans harvesting mix of opinions  NCR
June 20 -- Province announces new grants for chid care providers
June 20 -- Province announces new fish farm tenure rules
June 19 -- Rental Housing Task Force meets for public consultations in Terrace
June 19 -- Province of BC to invest more money for housing, with focus on Indigenous housing both on and off reserve  NCR
June 18 -- Environmental Assessment changes open to public consultation 
June 16 -- North Coast represented on B.C.'s new Wild Salmon Advisory Council
June 16 -- Joy Thorkelson among those appointed to Provincial Advisory Council to explore pressures on Wild Salmon  NCR
June 15 -- MLA Jennifer Rice speaks on new Wild Salmon Advisory council (audio)
June 14 -- MLA Rice recaps first year on government side with home mailer  NCR
June 13 -- MLA and Terrace Mayor attend celebration of new Ksan affordable housing unit in Terrace (audio)
June 12 -- Province puts Crow land firewood permits process on line  NCR
June 7 -- Funding program for municipal infrastructure opens new intake period  NCR
June 6 -- While Legislature takes its summer break, British Columbia voters have some homework ahead  NCR
June 5 -- Province expands tuition fee waiver plan for former youth in care, includes union led training program  NCR
June 5 -- Concerns of environmental groups for CN vegetation plan gain increased media attention across the Northwest  NCR
June 4 -- Women's leadership training session set for Sunday to feature range of participants  NCR


May 30 -- Mayor's report relays notes on recent Vancouver trip  NCR
May 30 -- MLA Rice shares the word on Seafest at Legislature  NCR
May 29 -- Province introduces BC North Bus; Transportation services across highway 16 corridor to start June 4th   NCR
May 29 -- Terrace makes for only Northwest stop on Rental Housing Task Force Itinerary  NCR
May 29 -- The path towards the Park Avenue Supportive Housing project starts with a Public Notice  NCR
May 28 -- Resource Development issues in First Nations communities make for lively two hours for Cross Country Check Up  NCR
May 25 -- Province of BC to invest in Aboriginal Head Start Programs across British Columbia  NCR
May 25 -- Mayor Brain meets with Lower Mainland officials to seek common ground on Port Caps  NCR
May 24 -- Child care minister listens to challenges Prince Rupert providers face
May 24 -- Middle School Renovations will start with a roofing project  NCR
May 18 -- 19 new homes on the way for Haida Gwaii's most vulnerable residents  NCR
May 17 -- MLA Rice outlines Province's flood measures to this point as long weekend approaches  NCR
May 17 -- Wilkinson calls for lower taxes on fuel
May 15 -- Northern Sea Wolf nears readiness for Central Coast Ferry Service  NCR
May 15 -- Climate change concerns frame Jennifer Rice's notes on current flood situations in BC  NCR
May 11 -- Concerns on Communication and the need for improved Preparedness among key themes of Provincial report into 2017 Floods and Fires  NCR
May 10 -- Haida Gwaii Conservancy expanded
May 10 -- Emergency preparedness notes and emergency alert restuls, mark midway point of Emergency Preparedness week NCR
May 10 -- North Coast Tanker Ban clears House of Commons, focus now shifts to Senate NCR
May 9 -- Province to test wireless alert system this afternoon  NCR
May 8 -- MLA Rice recounts weekend travels to gauge impact of current flooding risk  NCR
May 7 -- Amid Trans Mountain woes ... Eagle Spirit plans get time in the spotlight  NCR
May 7 -- Community Gambling Grants aid a number of Prince Rupert Groups  NCR
May 7 -- Preparing fir disasters the theme this week as the Provincial Government observes Emergency Preparation week  NCR
May 4 -- Air Ambulance service on the North Cost gains Night Vision operations  NCR
May 4 -- Rumours of Petronas' Kitimat investment plans gain strength, after Energy Minister's slip  NCR
May 4 -- Will John Horgan's long arm, look to take money away from communities across British Columbia? NCR
May 3 -- British Columbia's Small Business Task Force to make one stop in Northwest BC  NCR
May 3 -- Battle against invasive plants in Northwest receives 596,000 dollars in grant money NCR
May 2 -- School District wants Provincial funding policy that will achieve more than "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul"  NCR
May 2 -- Extensive report on BC Ferries for Tourism Prince Rupert calls for expanded sailings,  five year service guarantee  NCR


April 30 -- Disappointment as Prince Rupert fails to get conservation officer
April 27 -- New Conservation Officers hired, New offices opened; none for Prince Rupert  NCR
April 26 -- Ellis Ross seeks details on NDP plans for Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance  NCR 
April 26 -- MLA Rice pays tribute to work of Red Cross with Legislature statement  NCR
April 24 -- Ghosts of the Salmon War of 1997 make for a TransMountain narrative for the Legislature  NCR
April 23 -- Time for a Farewell to NWCC, as province approves name change to Coast Mountain College  NCR
April 21 -- Themes on Reconciliation, UNDRIP, First Nations and TransMountain make for likely debate in Legislature  NCR
April 20 -- Modular housing timeline for Prince Rupert (video)
April 20 -- Modular housing coming to Prince Rupert in 2018, announces MLA Jennifer Rice
April 20 -- Modular housing to be built this summer in Prince Rupert
April 20 -- Much anticipated supportive housing proposal will see summer time build set for property on Park Avenue  NCR
April 19 -- Uncertainty of First Nations Benefits Agreements; theme of questions from MLA Ellis Ross in Kinder Morgan debate  NCR
April 17 -- Skeena MLA notes concerns over delays in British Columbia spill response protection plan in Legislature  NCR
April 17 -- Port of Prince Rupert among the talking points in Legislature discussion on Pacific Gateway NCR
April 16 -- Housing Hub plans make for the focus for North Coast MLA Rice  NCR
April 13 -- Limited-entry bear hunt replaces open season on Haida Gwaii
April 13 -- Cardiac response notes outlined by MLA Rice in Legislature  NCR
April 13 -- Gary Coons appreciation day at the British Columbia Legislature  NCR
April 12 -- Black Bear hunting changes in Haida Gwaii
April 12 -- Shift in Committee responsibilities for MLA Jennifer Rice, while MLA Ellis ross returns to Legislative Initiatives Committee  NCR
April 10 -- Province provides funding for Northwest Benefits Alliance
April 10 -- Province gives $300K to Resource Benefits Alliance 
April 10 -- Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance to receive provincial funding for future engagement  NCR
April 10 -- MLA's Rice and Ross exchange thoughts on fishery issues as Legislature resumes  NCR
April 9 -- Prince Rupert among three list topping communities when it comes to High levels for Housing affordability  NCR
April 9 -- Terrace region dominates largest share of NWCC Board of Governor Appointments  NCR
April 8 -- Province fills college board vacancies
April 6 -- BC boosts Aboriginal friendship funding
April 6 -- Friendship Centres across BC to benefit from additional provincial funding  NCR
April 5 -- Province has no plan to replace Greyhound in Northern B.C.
April 5 -- BC Transportation Minister on Greyhound (video)
April 5 -- Reduced Fares, return of Seniors Discount in place at BC Ferries  NCR
April 4 -- Final days for public engagement with Province on topic of ICBC Rate Fairness NCR
April 4 -- High Ground Hike one area of preparation as part of Tsunami Awareness Week -- April 9 to 13  NCR
April 3 -- Emergency Alert system to come to mobile devices in May  NCR
April 2 -- New tax increases part of your budgeting burden as April gets underway  NCR


March 30 -- Recent tour with John Horgan highlights expanded role for Nathan Cullen with Federal NDP  NCR
March 29 -- BC Transportation Minister takes concerns over rail transportation across Northern BC to federal counterpart  NCR
March 29 -- BC Rural Dividend program delivers 1.76 million dollars for projects across Northwest NCR
March 28 -- Prince Rupert School Funding (video)
March 28 -- Trades and Tech spending the focus for Premier's Terrace visit  NCR
March 27 -- MLA Rice says Middle School replacement still on the agenda
March 27 -- BC funds post-secondary equipment upgrades
March 27 -- Benefits sharing on the agenda for meeting between Horgan and Northwest mayors
March 27 -- Premier Horgan on Resource Benefits Alliance (video)
March 27 -- Province funds $1.130,000 to upgrade Prince Rupert Middle School
March 27 -- Repairs, before replacement for Prince Rupert Middle School  NCR
March 27 -- Tours, Meetings, Social events and Photo Ops make for Horgan tour of Prince Rupert NCR
March 27 -- John Horgan visits NWCC
March 27 -- Horgan rekindles Northwest Benefits Alliance
March 27 -- Last week's Prince Rupert homeless count, one of twelve counts to be funded across BC NCR
March 26 -- Premier Horgan in Prince Rupert (video)
March 26 -- Horgan talks Resource Benefits and LNG While Visiting Prince Rupert
March 26 -- Horgan talks resource benefits in Prince Rupert (audio)
March 26 -- LNG tax benefits not specific to any project, Horgan says
March 26 -- Horgan visits Northwest this Week
March 26 -- Premier John Horgan to make quick stop in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 26 -- Premier to visit Prince Rupert
March 26 -- North Coast Innovation lab granted $100,000
March 23 -- Ecotrust Canada gains $100,000 award for innovation lab plans in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 23 -- Could new LNG tax breaks resurrect a project on the North Coast?
March 23 -- NDP LNG modifications stoke ambitions for Kitimat LNG projects  NCR
March 22 -- Horgan announces New LNG framework
March 21 -- MLA Rice to host Coffee Chat in Prince Rupert Thursday  NCR
March 21 -- Northern Mayor's delegation in Ottawa to stress importance of LNG to region  NCR
March 21 -- Testing, Testing ... Are You prepared for an Emergency Situation NCR
March 16 -- As we cross mid-March, still no updates on status of much anticipated modular homes promised for delivery this month  NCR
March 15 -- In submission to provincial government; Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance seeks solutions to challenges of rural communities  NCR
March 14 -- Flood mitigation issues theme for MLA Rice's Emergency Management update  NCR
March 9 -- Order of British Columbia now taking nominations for 2018 honours  NCR
March 9 -- And now a passage from Lovecraft,, today's reading from MLA Rice  NCR
March 8 -- Once hot election topic of Middle School replacement, fades from spotlight one year later  NCR
March 7 -- MLA Rice to host Telephone Town Hall Thursday evening  NCR
March 6 -- Call from MLA for Legislature support for commercial fishermen in BC  NCR
March 3 -- Province spreads grant money around Northwest for range of projects and studies  NCR
March 2 -- Some rumblings of discontent from one of the BC NDP's most loyal constituencies  NCR
March 2 -- Commercial fishing makes for theme of latest Fish Notes in Legislature from MLA Rice NCR
March 1 -- North Coast MLA's Budget Defence includes Prince Rupert references  NCR


February 27 -- Jennifer Rice brings Fishery notes from weekend conference to Legislature discussion NCR
February 26 -- North Coast well represented at Fisheries conference in Vancouver  NCR
February 24 -- Green's Weaver puts focus on Northwest development as part of Budget Response  NCR
February 23 -- Northwest BC Resource Benefits missing from BC Budget Overview  NCR
February 23 -- MLA Rice shares Lessons Learned from visit to Haida Gwaii's Living and Learning School  NCR
February 23 -- Auditor General Report on Northern Health flags nursing vacancy rates; Prince Rupert among highest when it comes to shortages  NCR
February 22 -- More focus on urgent care, nurse practitioners among notes from MLA Rice's statement to Legislature on NDP plans for Health Care  NCR
February 22 -- 'Disappointment' makes for the main theme to Northwest commentary on PTB"s Greyhound decision  NCR
February 22 -- Haida Gwaii joins in on the LOVE fest  NCR
February 21 -- NDP Budget puts focus on Housing, Child Care, Education, Health and Transportation; along with new taxation plans  NCR
February 16 -- Legislature return brings Emergency Preparedness reminder from MLA Rice  NCR
February 14 -- SubSea Fibre project gets shout out in BC Speech from the Throne  NCR
February 14 -- 'A rich past and a bright future' -- Province of British Columbia celebrates North Pacific restoration work  NCR
February 14 -- Throne Speech points to Housing, Child Care priorities for Horgan government  NCR
February 14 -- With Mills Memorial Announcement, North Coast officials will need to remain watchful on local health services  NCR
February 13 -- Jennifer Rice's humour falls flat at ANBT, MLA issues apology to Gingolx Nation  NCR
February 12 -- Province to move forward with Mills Memorial Hospital replacement program  NCR
February 9 -- British Columbia to shift 'Family Day' Holiday to third week of February in 2019  NCR
February 7 -- Andrew Wilkinson's road to a BC Liberal leadership win, was assisted by strong success in Northwest ridings  NCR
February 4 -- In Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberals stay the course with familiar cabinet face, rather than indicate shift to new direction   NCR
February 2 -- Tsunami 101 with MLA Rice  NCR
February 1 -- Provincial Government seeks feedback on what upcoming Electoral Reform referendum should look like  NCR
February 1 -- MLA seeks "Low Bandwidth Nightmare" stories from North Coast constituents  NCR
February 1 -- Haida Gwaii is the host for MLA's February tour  NCR


January 31 -- Council's Tsunami Alert Review: One part history lesson, one part look to the future NCR
January 24 -- After Tuesday's Alaska quake: Seismic aftershocks continue in Kodiak, while political aftershocks continue to rumble across the North Coast  NCR
January 23 -- Moving Day on the horizon for offices of MLA Rice/MP Cullen  NCR
January 22 -- Busy week for Mayor Brain wraps up with Prince George stop  NCR
January 22 -- Prince Rupert "Safe Place" program could become blue print for communities province wide  NCR
January 19 -- Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure launch process for Highway maintenance contracts across BC  NCR
January 19 -- Some Northern BC politicians try to keep LNG prospects alive; while Green Party threatens to topple NDP Government over LNG position  NCR
January 17 -- CityWest to receive share of Federal/Provincial funding for improved internet services  NCR
January 15 -- Expansive list of issues explored at Poverty Reduction tour crosses the Northwest NCR
January 12 -- Province seeks public opinion on poverty
January 11 -- Prince Rupert Poverty Reduction meeting  (video)
January 8 -- Nisga'a Hall the host venue for January 11th Provincial Poverty Reduction session in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 5 -- BC Liberal leader hopeful Wilkinson shares vision with Rupertites
January 4 -- Andrew Wilkinson tour of the Northwest (video)
January 4 -- BC Liberal Leader candidate Andrew Wilkinson Visits Prince Rupert

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