Monday, January 15, 2018

February gathering in Steveston hopes to highlight careers and innovation in the BC fishery

The 2017 gathering of BC Young Fishermen proved to be a very popular event, with a
number of issues and items of interest on the BC fishery explored, the
second year of the program will see the provinces young fishers gather in
Steveston from February 6 and 7.

(photo from BC Young Fishermen website)

While many may think that the BC Fishery is in its sunset years, the provincial government is looking to the future and the need to transfer the vast knowledge of the old timers to a new generation of those looking to take to the waters as part of the BC fishing industry.

Towards that goal, the BC Government is participating in the upcoming BC Young Fishermen's Gathering set for the Steveston area of Richmond  from February 6 to 7.

The BC Government is providing 10,000 dollars in support for the initiative which will bring would be participants in the fishery together with those with long years of experience, with a project that looks to provide some background on commercial fishing business practices, seafood marketing and sustainable harvesting.

The Grant through the Ministry of Agriculture's office was announced earlier this month, with Minister Lana Popham noting of the passion that those that are in the BC Fishing industry have when it comes to the province's fishing industry.

“The gathering is the perfect opportunity for young fishers to learn from experienced and successful industry members and be inspired by the energy, ideas and passion of each other,”  ... “Consumers buy B.C. seafood because of the quality product, great flavours and sustainable management practices, and the gathering is helping the next generation of commercial fishery leaders plan their careers to meet that demand.”

Among some of the areas to be explored at the two day event are:

Encourage mentorship, apprenticeship and innovation in the fishing industry. 

Facilitate the transfer of knowledge from experienced industry members to new entrants on topics including alternative marketing strategies, marine safety and financing a fishing operation. 

Foster transparency, communication and openness across fisheries professions. 

Develop a basic understanding of fisheries management in B.C. Inspire stewardship of ocean resources and encourage environmental sustainability. 

Highlight the rich history and culture of B.C.’s fishing industry. 

Provide a space for young fishers to network and relate to like-minded individuals.

This is the second year for the program, the 2017 event was held in Victoria and brought 30 young fishers together to explore the opportunities and challenges of the province's fishing sector.

You can learn more about this years event in Steveston from the B.C. Young Fishermen's Network further background on the February session is available on their website

More notes on the program can also be reviewed from the T Buck Suzuki Foundation here.

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