Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Presentation to Council provides glimpse into City's Go Map system

Rheannon Brooks provided City Council with a snapshot look at the
workings of the city's Go Map program available to residents through
the City of Prince Rupert website

Monday's City Council session began with a handy tutorial for residents who may have an interest in the City of Prince Rupert's Go Map program which available for use from the City's website.

Providing the guided tour of the website feature was Rheannon Brooks, who is the City's GIS coordinator.

Ms. Brooks outlined how the public can make use of the Go Map program and what elements are available for residents from the mapping system.

Among some of the basic elements available for users is an ability to review property information in the community, with such details as property ID, Lot Numbers and legal descriptions.  Those seeking information can also review zoning notes related to the property in question.

Other areas that you can access from the mapping system is information from BC Assessment, as well users can add aerial overviews to provide for a comparison of the city from years previous and more current images, as well as to add other features.

The most recent overview that the City has added to the inventory provides the overhead look of the city as of 2017.

A snap shot of one of the many options
available for users of the City of
Prince Rupert's Go Map program

Other elements available for review include BC Transit routes and shelters in the city which can provide additional information on Transit service.

The garbage collection map also includes a link to the city's pick up schedule for all areas of the city. The program also features a cemetery map, which breaks down the available information by section and then lot, with additional information added as part of the information flow and leading to the city's cemetery data base.

The Official Community Plan information is also part of the Go Map system, with users able to discover more about that planning element for the City.

Following her overview, Councillors Randhawa and Thorkelson inquired about some of the elements available as part of the program.  With Councillor Thorkelson asking about access to information about public utilities, undeveloped lots and underground streams that criss-cross the city.

Ms. Brooks noted that the city could add more layers to the overlap program, but for now such information is available from city staff at City Hall.

Residents with any questions about the program are asked to contact staff at the main office at  City Hall at 250-627-1781 for more details.

You can view the short fifteen minute tutorial from the City's Video Archive page for the January 29th session, the presentation starts at the beginning of the Monday council session.

For more background on the program visit this link to the City website to begin your tour of the city. The access point to the program can be found in the right hand corner of the home page for the City of Prince Rupert website.

Ms. Brooks noted during her presentation that residents should take note of the opening page disclaimer and read the 9 points provided prior to making use of the service, adding that it should not be used for a replacement for a legal survey or any legal requirements for a property in question.

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