Monday, January 22, 2018

Getting ready to board a BC Ferry today? Leave your smokes behind ....

As of today, travellers heading out on BC Ferries
vessels on the North Coast will no longer be able to smoke
on board the ships or at terminal locations

Today is the first day of the new No Smoking Regulations on BC Ferries vessels, terminals and properties as the province's Ferry Service takes advantage of National Non Smoking Week to roll out their new regulations.

The new policy applies to the smoking of tobacco, vapour products, e-cigarettes and medical marijuana. The policy applies to both BC Ferries' employees and customers.

The ban on smoking not only covers the vessels, but is also in place at all terminals locations.

BC Ferries provided a significant amount of lead time as they prepared to introduce the new policy, having provided an early warning of the new restrictions back in December.

The Ferry service first tested the waters for the smoking ban in August.

For notes on the new regulations, as well as a review of some Frequently asked Questions see this background piece.

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