Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Port of Prince Rupert breaks ground on Atlin Promenade project

Work has begun on a plan to link up the Atlin Terminal with the Northland
Cruise Terminal by way of an expanded pedestrian walkway along the shoreline

(photo from the Port of Prince Rupert)

Those taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather of the last few days with a walk around the Cow Bay area, no doubt noticed some accelerated construction work around the Atlin Terminal shoreline.

The work heralds the start of the Atlin Promenade project, which will see the Port Authority extend the pedestrian corridor along the Prince Rupert waterfront.

The walkway will improve access to the area between the Northland Cruise Terminal and the Cow Bay district and make for yet more spectacular vistas of the harbour once it is completed.

It will compliment the work that continues to move forward in the area of the Atlin Terminal parking area, which has seen the parking lot gain some additional features including bike racks, covered areas and a community stage for future use.

The latest changes to the Atlin area are part of a larger plan from the Port to make the Cow Bay District a major focal point for both local residents and visitors to the City.

Some of those potential changes were outlined by the Port back in the fall of 2015.

More change on the way for Cow Bay waterfront

Two views of what the new Atlin Promenade walkway will look like
once work is completed in May of this year

(diagrams from Port of Prince Rupert)

The Port hopes to have the work wrapped up in May, which will work nicely into what should be a busy cruise season on the North Coast.

The Port shared word of the start of the Atlin promenade through posts to their Facebook page and twitter feed on Tuesday morning.

You can review past notes of interest related to Port developments from our archive page here.


  1. LOL last project the port said would be done by May was their parking lot. They are still working! why don't you criticize them for that ?

    I "love" how you copy and paste port press releases but any city release gets the "no word on ...blah" treatment plus hyperlinks to any negative article you've written.


  2. Well again thanks for your consistent and strident defence of City Council and your dislike of my coverage of their work down at City Hall, they surely will be appreciative of your support towards their work.

    Perhaps you might have an opinion on why they've eliminated all Public, On the Record Council sessions for September and October?

    Something that seems a tad unusual towards the goals of transparency and accountability.

    As to your theme of how I don't offer up commentary on the Port projects, had you taken a bit of time to scroll down on the Port Archive from 2017 you would have discovered this item of interest on the topic you have some concerns on.


    Thanks for the contribution though, keep on reading ...


  3. Cute. Anonymous Blogger doesnt see his own hypocrisy calling for transparency. MNCRUBA

    1. Perhaps your blood pressure will be more deflated by choosing one of the local news sources for your reading options, they seem more in tune with what you wish to read, hear or see.