Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"Housekeeping changes" ahead for some parking lot fees and other charges at Civic Centre

Prince Rupert was introduced to David Geronazzo on Monday evening, as
the new Director of Recreation and Community Services delivered his
first report for Prince Rupert City Council

Prince Rupert City Council members had their first opportunity to hear from the New Director of Recreation and Community Services on Monday evening, as City Manager Robert Long provided the official welcome to the community to David Geronazzo.

As we noted in December, the latest hiring to the management ranks at the Recreation Centre joined the civic payroll in November, with a largely aquatic background to his resume.

On Monday, for his debut report for Council the new Director outlined some minor changes, which he described as housekeeping changes to be made to the Recreation Fees and Charges Bylaw, noting that the current language isn't working as best it could for the city and would provide for better flexibility.

The amendment to the Bylaw will see the city reduce the fees for the rental of parking spaces to a lower price point , as  well as to cap the charge for table and chair rental rates at Recreation facilities to a maximum of four days.

The Full Report can be reviewed from the Agenda for the January 15th Council session, starting on page 45.

As a follow up to the report,  Councillor Cunningham had one observation on the proposed changes, noting that the the Recreation Commission will need to discuss the proposed rate changes for the parking lot stalls and how that will be different from what the City charges for the Junk in the Trunk garage sale opportunities that they offer at the Civic Centre in the Spring and Summer.

That topic will be discussed at an upcoming Recreation Commission meeting.

You can review the presentation to Council and questions from Council members from the City's Video Archive starting at the 14 minute mark.

For more items of note from Monday's Council session see our Timeline feature.

More background on City Council Discussion topics can be found on our archive page.

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