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Blog Watching: Week ending January 28, 2018

Once the clock struck 1:32 in the morning on Tuesday January 23rd, there was little doubt what the top story on the North Coast would be this week, as a  7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Kodiak, Alaska and set in motion a Tsunami warning that ranged from Alaska, along the BC coast and down as far as California.

What made the story newsworthy in the Prince Rupert region was the post Tsunami alert period, as residents awoke later in the morning to hear of a warning issued by the City of Prince Rupert, but heard by few, with a shortcoming for the city's emergency response notification program becoming the theme for the week.

Beyond the interest in the Tsunami alert, other items that caught the eye of our readers this week included yet more attention for the Fairview Container Terminal, which along with Canadian National Railway made for a cover story in the latest edition of the industrial publication BC Shipping.

A new program designed to provide safety for the city's LGBTQ was also a popular read through the week, as we outlined the details from the RCMP led initiative of Safe Places in the Prince Rupert area.

Some unwelcome news for municipal government was delivered by the provincial statistical agency BC Stats, which released its annual population estimates and for the Northwest the key word from the report was that of population decline.

And wrapping up our review of the five most read items of the week was our look at the latest move from supporters of the Eagle Spirit Energy pipeline proposal. With a group of First Nations chiefs and others in support of the project launching a Go Fund Me page to collect financial donations to be put towards a legal challenge of the Federal Government's tanker ban.

The top story of the week however, returns us to the early morning hours of Tuesday and a Tsunami warning that many in the community never knew had been issued.

Overnight 7.9 magnitude quake in Gulf of Alaska briefly put Coastal BC under Tsunami Alert -- As the seismic plates shifted near the Alaskan community of Kodiak, the entire coastal region from Alaska to California found itself under a Tsunami Alert.  Such was the quest for information locally, that our two follow up items on the January 23rd event (see here and here ) also proved to be among the most read items of the week. That as themes of information delivery proved to be a hot topic in the community through the week. (posted January 23,  2018)

That article was followed by:

With Fairview Terminal on the cover, CN Rail makes for the feature profile for BC Shipping magazine -- More attention for the container port and the rail line which serves it, as both Fairview Terminals and CN Rail get featured in the latest edition of BC Shipping   (posted  January  22, 2018)

Prince Rupert "Safe Place" program could become blue print for communities province wide  --
Our look at the launch of the Safe Place program in Prince Rupert, designed to give members of the LGBTQ community a place to seek assistance if they are feeling threatened proved to be a popular item over the week.  The volume of readers for RCMP related stories was also high for our look at an early morning break in at Cowpucinno's, as well as our notes on the findings of an IIO  report into an RCMP vehicle/pedestrian incident from March of 2017 (posted January  22, 2018)

BC Stats number for 2017 show continued population decline for Prince Rupert, Northwest -- The latest findings from the provincial statistics office has delivered news of population declines from 2017 data for a number of Northwest communities.  (posted January  25, 2018)

Supporters of Eagle Spirit Energy oil pipeline plans look to raise money for tanker ban challenge --  A collection of First Nations Chiefs and supporters of a proposed oil pipeline to the North Coast continue to keep the project in the public eye, with details released this week of the launch of a Go Fund Me that will collection donations towards a legal challenge for the Federal Government's oil tanker ban (posted January 24, 2018 )

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