Thursday, January 25, 2018

Regional District getting closer to launch of rebranding as North Coast Regional District

A change in the marketing of
the North Coast Regional District is
fast approaching
They've got a new logo ready to show off and the roll out for the public isn't too far away now, as the North Coast Regional District puts the final touches on its re-branding project and prepares to go live with the much anticipated launch, which will come complete with a new website in week.

Members of the Regional Government body will get an update on the project at Friday's North Coast Regional District meeting taking place in Prince Rupert.

From the review, Regional Directors will gain some further background on the work that Regional District has done with Upanup Studios which has been moving the re-branding process forward, that project is set to be completed at the end of this month, with all of their deliverables having been completed.

As it stands now, the plan for the new website domain of is to go live this coming Monday. At that time, new email addresses will be created for Regional District members and staff personnel.

So far the cost of the rebranding project has come to $56,512 dollars, Regional District staff anticipate that another $10,000 dollars will be spent before the project is complete.

The District also intends to seek grant funding of 20,000 dollars through the Northern Development Initiative Trust's marketing initiatives program.

A sneak peek at the New logo for Regional District and a secondary logo for the North Coast Recycling Centre can be found below:

The rebranding proposal was first proposed back in September of 2015, with the provincial government providing its approval in October of 2016.

The project gained steam in February of last year, as the marketing consultant was hired and the planning commenced leading up to this months .

You can get a look at their briefing notes for Friday's meeting from the Agenda Package for  the Regional District session, the Rebranding update can be found on page 115.

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