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From the Legislature 2018: Skeena and Stikine ridings

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments on the political scene in the northwest ridings. With the results of the May 2017 election, we have decided to create a separate page to track news out of the Skeena riding, the notes from the east can be found below:


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For notes related to the Wildfires across the Northwest see our archive page here.


December 22 -- LNG Canada - how to get it done
December 22 -- Renewed interest in Kitimat oil refinery plan
December 21 -- While majority chose First Past the Post, referendum results note differing opinions on electoral reform across Northwest BC  NCR
December 20 -- BC Voters say No to Proportional Representation
December 20 -- BC Votes down electoral reform
December 20 -- For Premier Horgan, when it comes to changing the electoral system the answer from the votes was a resounding No!   NCR
December 19 -- First Nations LNG Alliance meets in Prince Rupert in support of resource development  NCR
December 12 -- Haisla yet to sign LNG benefits deals with the province
December 12 -- Province appoints new BC Treaty Commissioner
December 7 -- Final Day for Referendum voting  NCR
December 5 -- Call widens for local benefits tied to new Mills Memorial project


November 22 -- MLA to push for local involvement in new Mills construction
November 22 -- Skeena MLA Ross questions Minister on elements of new EA Process plans  NCR
November 21 -- Ellis Ross warns of Foreign Influence on resource development  NCR
November 20 -- With LNG moving forward in Northwest, MLA Ellis Ross calls for community supports from NDP government  NCR
November 14 -- BC Governmen't's housing plans bring housing options to Smithers, Telkwa and Haida Gwaii NCR
November 9 -- Referendum Rumble resolves little NCR
November 8 -- With interest lukewarm at best, Premier Horgan and Liberal leader Wilkinson look to spur on referendum discussion with debate tonight NCR
November 8 -- Ellis Ross calls for more clarity on EA process than what NDP government has put forward  NCR
November 5 -- Ombudsperson kept busy during Northwest tour
November 1 -- We'll go out on a limb ... and pencil MLA Ellis Ross as a NO for this round of electoral reform voting  NCR


October 18 -- MLA Ellis Ross says it's time to get to work to ensure the success of LNG
October 15 -- Referendum discussion set to heat up as mail in vote nears  NCR


September 10 -- Provincial Finance Committee will come to Smithers for opinions on its 2019 budget
September 7 -- New BC party looks to represent rural voters in next election
September 7 -- Lack of attention on rural issues spawns new political movement, with launch of Rural BC Party  NCR
September 6 -- New provincial political party to focus on rural British Columbia


August 21 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross pens letter of support for LNG Canada
August 18 -- Ross calls on Horgan to support pipeline
August 17 -- Minister Donaldson calls Trump's fire claims 'logic defying'
August 16 -- Minister Donaldson Addresses RDBN Chair Bill Miller's criticism
August 15 -- Minister of Safety Mike Farnworth declares provincial state of emergency for BC
August 9 -- Regional Politicians tour the Telegraph Lake/Dease Lake area to assess wildfire situation  NCR
August 8 -- Donaldson hoping for first hand look at Telegraph Creek Situation
August 8 -- Minister of Public Safety says programs will be made available to help Telegraph Creek



June 29 -- Ellis Ross receives a special thanks
June 28 -- Significant funding coming to the BVLD
June 26 -- Terrace will be the newest site of youth mental health support program
June 26 -- Terrace to be host of FOUNDRY facility for the Northwest
June 26 -- Smithers resident appointed Forest Practices Board Chair
June 22 -- Province appoints 3 new court judges
June 21 -- Skeena MLA calls for Catch and Release recreational chinook fishery for Skeena-Nass
June 20 -- Ross calls on DFO to allow catch and release chinook fishery
June 20 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross calls for catch and release program (video)
June 19 -- Airport renovations spark economic speculation (video)
June 16 -- Northwest Regional Airport terminal project officially opens
June 15 -- Doug Donaldson visits upper Skeena Rec Centre
June 6 -- While Legislature takes its summer break, British Columbia voters have some homework ahead  NCR
June 5 -- BC Liberal leaders meet with Nisga'a Lisims Government
June 5 -- Wilkinson tours Terrace/Kitimat


May 24 -- Community forests allowed to expand: Donaldson
May 19 -- Questions on hotel tax, Resource Benefits Alliance part of contribution from MLA Ross to Finance Estimates session  NCR
May 17 -- Wilkinson calls for lower taxes on fuel
May 15 -- Ellis Ross on UNDRIP: "A feel good document" ... one not workable with Canadian laws  NCR
May 10 -- North Coast Tanker Ban clears House of Commons, focus now shifts to Senate NCR
May 9 -- "First Nations of B.C. are up to the challenge of speaking for themselves" -- MLA Ellis Ross speaks on themes of interventions from third party activists  NCR
May 8 -- MLA presses province on regional benefits alliance


April 26 -- Rustad buoys up Francois Lake ferry campaign
April 26 -- Ellis Ross seeks details on NDP plans for Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance  NCR
April 21 -- Themes on Reconciliation, UNDRIP, First Nations and TransMountain make for likely debate in Legislature  NCR
April 19 -- Ross questions government on Kinder Morgan benefit agreements (audio)
April 19 -- Uncertainty of First Nations Benefits Agreements; theme of questions from MLA Ellis Ross in Kinder Morgan debate  NCR
April 18 -- MLA criticizes NDP opposition to Kinder Morgan
April 17 -- Skeena MLA notes concerns over delays in British Columbia spill response protection plan in Legislature  NCR
April 14 -- Forests Minister talks rural development
April 13 -- Province spending $2 million to create Caribou Habitat restoration fund
April 13 -- "North-West BC can play a part" Doug Donaldson
April 12 -- Shift in Committee responsibilities for MLA Jennifer Rice, while MLA Ellis ross returns to Legislative Initiatives Committee  NCR
April 11 -- It's a breath of fresh air: RBA Chair Bill Miller
April 10 -- North-west BC Deserves to benefit from hard work: John Horgan
April 10 -- Province provides funding for Northwest Benefits Alliance
April 10 -- Province gives $300K to Resource Benefits Alliance 
April 10 -- Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance to receive provincial funding for future engagement  NCR
April 10 -- MLA's Rice and Ross exchange thoughts on fishery issues as Legislature resumes  NCR
April 9 -- No progress in bid to replace departing Greyhound service
April 9 -- Terrace region dominates largest share of NWCC Board of Governor Appointments  NCR
April 8 -- Province fills college board vacancies
April 6 -- Province announces $134 Million to help regrow fire ravaged forests
April 6 -- BC boosts Aboriginal friendship funding
April 6 -- Friendship Centres across BC to benefit from additional provincial funding  NCR
April 5 -- Province planning to protect Bulkley Valley mountain goat habitat
April 5 -- Province has no plan to replace Greyhound in Northern B.C.
April 5 -- Province injects $11 million into MRI exams
April 5 -- BC Transportation Minister on Greyhound (video)
April 4 -- Province rolls out new winter highway standards
April 4 -- Final days for public engagement with Province on topic of ICBC Rate Fairness NCR
April 1 -- New wildlife regulations now in effect


March 30 -- Recent tour with John Horgan highlights expanded role for Nathan Cullen with Federal NDP  NCR
March 29 -- BC Transportation Minister takes concerns over rail transportation across Northern BC to federal counterpart  NCR
March 29 -- BC Rural Dividend program delivers 1.76 million dollars for projects across Northwest NCR
March 27 -- BC funds post-secondary equipment upgrades
March 27 -- Benefits sharing on the agenda for meeting between Horgan and Northwest mayors
March 27 -- Premier Horgan on Resource Benefits Alliance (video)
March 27 -- John Horgan visits NWCC
March 27 -- Horgan rekindles Northwest Benefits Alliance
March 26 -- Premier Horgan in Prince Rupert (video)
March 26 -- Horgan talks Resource Benefits and LNG While Visiting Prince Rupert
March 26 -- Horgan talks resource benefits in Prince Rupert (audio)
March 26 -- LNG tax benefits not specific to any project, Horgan says
March 26 -- Horgan visits Northwest this Week
March 23 -- Kitimat is one step closer to securing LNG plant
March 23 -- NDP LNG modifications stoke ambitions for Kitimat LNG projects  NCR
March 22 -- Northern Indigenous grouips to be included in BC's new LNG framework 
March 22 -- Bigger and safer bridge to be built across the Nass (video)
March 22 -- Ellis Ross on LNG framework plans for NDP government (video)
March 22 -- Horgan announces New LNG framework
March 21 -- B.C.'s rural development strategy must take regional into account
March 21 -- MLA Rice to host Coffee Chat in Prince Rupert Thursday  NCR
March 21 -- Northern Mayor's delegation in Ottawa to stress importance of LNG to region  NCR
March 21 -- Testing, Testing ... Are You prepared for an Emergency Situation NCR
March 16 -- As we cross mid-March, still no updates on status of much anticipated modular homes promised for delivery this month  NCR
March 15 -- In submission to provincial government; Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance seeks solutions to challenges of rural communities  NCR
March 16 -- Nass Bridge plans (video)
March 16 -- Feds and Province announce plans to replace Nass Bridge on Highway 37
March 16 -- Skeena MLA Ross seeks government overview on Fish Farm issues  NCR
March 10 -- Q &A: Rally for Resources responds to B.C. anti-development protests
March 6 -- Issues of overfishing and habitat loss, make for themes for MLA Ross in Legislature address  NCR
March 3 -- Province spreads grant money around Northwest for range of projects and studies  NCR
March 2 -- Skeena MLA reminds Legislature of importance of Aquaculture in BC  NCR
March 1 -- Skeena MLA Ross makes note of Northwest support for LNG projects during Legislature speech  NCR


February 27 -- Northwest projects receive provincial grant money
February 23 -- Skeena MLA Ellis ross, Mayor Lee Brain weigh in on PTB's Greyhound decision NCR
February 23 -- Northwest BC Resources Benefits Missing from BC Budget Overview  NCR
February 22 -- Ellis Ross on lack of LNG notes in BC Budget  (video)
February 21 -- Ross counting on Wilkinson to stick to his promise to fight for the north
February 21 -- How the provincial budget will play out in northwestern B.C.
February 21 -- NDP budget offers no way to pay for new programs: Ellis Ross
February 21 -- NDP Budget puts focus on Housing, Child Care, Education, Health and Transportation; along with new taxation plan  NCR
February 16 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross returns to familiar themes in new session debate  NCR
February 14 -- A bleak picture of the forest industry in northern B.C.
February 14 -- John Rustad weighs in on electoral reform in B.C
February 13 -- It's worrisome": John Rustad speaks on Throne Speech
February 8 -- With letter to the editor; Skeena's Ross points towards concerns on Green Party/NDP alliance  NCR
February 7 -- Andrew Wilkinson's road to a BC Liberal leadership win, was assisted by strong success in Northwest ridings  NCR
February 4 -- In Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberals stay the course with familiar cabinet face, rather than indicate shift to new direction   NCR


January 29 -- Kitimat LNG town hall recap (video)
January 28 -- Overwhelming turnout for LNG Town Hall
January 20 -- Townhall will update Kitimat on LNG projects
January 19 -- Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure launch process for Highway maintenance contracts across BC  NCR
January 19 -- Some Northern BC politicians try to keep LNG prospects alive; while Green Party threatens to topple NDP Government over LNG position  NCR
January 13 -- Terrace residents discuss poverty at provincial engagement meeting

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