Friday, November 16, 2018

Compared to points east, BC Government's Grants in lieu of taxes delivers minor returns to Prince Rupert

It's financial distribution time once again for the British Columbia government and for 2018, the City of Prince Rupert will receive less than 50,000 dollars, the financial transfer an indication of the limited provincial government footprint in the city.

The Grants are designed as a reimbursement for Municipalities and Regional Districts for services that they provide for provincial properties.

That's somewhat limited in the case of Prince Rupert with the Court House and Service BC office making for the two highest profile properties that the province has in the city.

The amount of the grants in lieu of taxes is determined under the Municipal Act, local governments can use the funding to pay for sewers, roads and fire protection.

The Payments are based on the municipality's tax rate and the assessed property values from BC Assessment.

For 2018 Prince Rupert's money transfer is listed at $49,964 

That is a slight decline from the numbers of 2017 when the City of Prince Rupert received $50,679

Across the Northwest the grant funding for 2018 is as follows:

City of Terrace $135,262
Town of Smithers $129,789
Village of Hazelton $24,376
Village of Burns Lake $8,795
District of Stewart $2,210
District of Houston $330

Two communities on Haida Gwaii will receive grant funding in lieu of taxes

Village of Masset $12,525
Village of Queen Charlotte $3,012

The strong returns for the Terrace and Smithers regions, indicate the centralized nature of the Provincial presence across the Northwest.

In Northern British Columbia Prince George received the largest amount of Grant in lieu of taxes, with the Central Interior city to see $1,836,673 thanks to the large presence of provincial offices and services located there.

You can learn more about the Grant process from this information statement from the British Columbia Government

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