Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ellis Ross warns of Foreign Influence on resource development

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross returned to a hot topic for him in the Legislature,
the increasing efforts of foreign based organizations when it comes
to the BC and Canadian resource sector

Discussion in the British Columbia Legislature this week has put some focus on foreign donations and political activities of foreign based organizations in Canada, with a motion from Liberal MLA John Rustad from the Nechako Lakes area making for the foundation of the back and forth in the chamber on Monday morning.

The tone of the introduction of the topic to the Legislature floor was one of some partisan rhetoric on the side of the Liberals, with Mr. Rustad observing as to the "blind eye" that the NDP and Green party seem to give to the issue.

The NDP, with their Green partners, turn a blind eye to this. They give long speeches congratulating each other, while being willfully blind to the efforts of foreign money. They believe that the means justify the results. No true Canadian would accept our democratic institutions, our decision-making and our rights to benefit from our resources being dictated by foreigners for foreign benefit.

Talking points across the aisle aside, much of the concern on the issue  makes mention of the work of Vancouver based journalist Vivian Krause, who has compiled a number of stories that traces the evolution of the foreign influence on provincial matters.

Some of her articles, which have generated both discussion and controversy, have appeared in the Financial Post  with links to much or her work also available through her twitter feed of @FairQuestions

Among those weighing in on the topic Monday at the Legislature, was  Liberal MLA Ellis Ross from Skeena, who returned to a common theme for him of recent months, that of foreign influence and activism when it comes to resource development in the province and in particular in the Northwest.

May 2018 -- "First Nations of B.C. are up to the challenge of speaking for themselves" --  MLA Ellis Ross speaks on theme of interventions from third party activists
February 2018 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross returns to familiar themes in new session debut

Much of his commentary over the last year has been to make note for the Legislature that many of the efforts of the foreign based environmental groups have had an impact on the Canadian economy, with resource development stalling here, while the American economy has benefited from the advocacy of US based environmental groups in Canada.

Along with the financial cost to the Canadian economy and the impact on this country's resource sector, Ross also noted that the province and nation are losing revenues that could be put towards funding of such areas as health care and education.

Every day, we are losing public revenue that should be going to funding health care and education. That's the issue. Instead, what we're going to see more of is more misdirection, more deflection, more talk about campaign financing, instead of looking at the facts that Vivian Krause has uncovered. We are still going to be subject to foreign influence, and the foreign influence has got to stop.

From his notes to the Legislature of Monday morning, Mr. Ross outlined some of the key areas that he has for concern on the encroachment of foreign influence and interference and how those groups are now looking to take on the development of the LNG industry in the province.

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