Friday, November 23, 2018

Horizon North highlights Watson Island plans in review of ongoing projects

Work camp Housing development in Western Canada, including
accommodation planned for Watson Island in Prince Rupert
 continues provide opportunities for Horizon North
(photo from Horizon North website)

The business of camp housing seems to be a profitable one for Horizon North, with the Alberta based company recently making note of some of its current projects in development heading into 2019.

Among three camp developments that the company is engaged in, the Watson Island work camp for Pembina's Liquid Propane Terminal project received mentions, with Horizon North noting that it expects revenues of 9.8 million dollars over a 24 month period from their Prince Rupert accommodations.

The City of Prince Rupert awarded Horizon North the contract for the Watson Island site housing camp in October, the Alberta based company will develop a 150 person camp facility, which includes catering and hospitality services. The company notes for its investors that the project will require minimal capital, as the camp units will be comprised entirely of existing fleet resources.

The layout of the 150 bed work camp for Watson Island
and the Pembina LPG terminal development
(from City of PR website)

As part of the review of their Prince Rupert project the company made note of the positive relationship that they have developed with the City, highlighted by comments from Mayor Lee Brain.

"We are pleased by the recent announcement from Horizon North,"  ... "Through our discussions with their leadership and their work with us to date, we know Horizon North to be a strong supporter of each of the communities where they work. We look forward to their continued involvement in the City of Prince Rupert and our surrounding areas, and to exploring future development opportunities with their team."

The Prince Rupert contract was one of three that Horizon North has been awarded in recent weeks, the other two are for projects in Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie, Alberta.

In October, the company announced that is also moving forward with its plans towards the first phase of what could a 1,000 bed housing camp for LNG supports in the Kitimat region.

You can learn more about Horizon North's camp housing and associated services from their website.

More background on the Watson Island Trade and Logistics Park can be found from our archive page.

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