Friday, November 16, 2018

A gust of wind tuns back some time at Coast Mountain College

Everything old is new again, even if temporarily. A gust of wind
has turned back the clock at Coast Mountain College this week.

Earlier this week we made note of some of the gusty winds that arrived in the Prince Rupert area, though the arriving storm itself was nowhere near as strong as had been predicted but the evening before.

Still, it seems that one or two of the gusts of Tuesday took their toll in the community, with the newly placed sign for Coast Mountain College suffering the wrath of Mother Nature, lifted off its staging area to reveal the old Northwest Community College sign.

The gust of wind resulting in the iconic Thunderbird to return to its roost one more time, ready to greet students and staff through this week.

It's a temporary rising however, plans are in the works to put the Coast Mountain sign back in its place at the entranceway to the Fifth Street campus in Prince Rupert.

The Northwest Community College name was retired and replaced in June of this year, when the college made the official changeover to the new Coast Mountain logo and rebranded the educational facilities across the Northwest in the new image.

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