Monday, November 19, 2018

Sobeys chain marketing roll out continues across Northwest BC

The sun hasn't set on the Safeway empire just yet in BC, but there are
more and more signs of the Sobeys brand arriving

It seems to be a bit of a gradual process, but the rebranding of the British Columbia Safeway stores to the Sobeys name is moving along, with Prince Rupert residents perhaps noticing the latest shift as they were carrying their groceries home with a new look this weekend.

Sobeys continues to expand its marketing plans to its BC stores

The roll out of the new bags is the latest move to bring more of the Sobeys image to the west coast, the Atlantic Canada based chain having introduced its Compliments brand of products to its British Columbia stores over the course of the last year two years or so.

With the purchase of the Canada Safeway chain of stores by Sobeys five years ago, the company has slowly been brining more and more of the Sobeys marketing and in store logistics to its western Canadian stores, as well as to consider converting some of their newly purchased outlets to a discount brand known as Fresh Co.

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