Sunday, October 27, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending October 27, 2018

Road repairs and the road to Parliament Hill made for a few of our themes from our list of five most read items of the week.

The most popular item of our week's work came from our look at a few of the still to be completed road projects in the region and hopes for an update from the City on the status of their million dollar roadwork to-do list from 2019.

Also of note over the last seven days, some news out of City Council, where we heard of some future development plans from the Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society, as well as a change of ownership of a pair of local Seniors residences in the community.

A new labour contract at CityWest will also see a new look for the union representing the workers at the City of Prince Rupert owned communication company, with the number of unions now consolidated into one single bargaining unit.

And after a forty day campaign, Skeena-Bulklkey Valley voters left the riding in the hands of the NDP, sending Taylor Bachrach to Ottawa to take up the work of the now retired Nathan Cullen.

However, the top item of the last seven day found us hopping in the NCR Mystery machine for a run around town along some of its rather challenging roads.

When it comes to digging the holes, The City of Prince Rupert is on it .. filling them in, not so much -- Our look around town at some still to be completed road work found quite a few interested readers through the week.   (posted  October 21 , 2019)

That article was followed by:

Gitmaxmak'ay Society look to seek funding for pair of projects in Prince Rupert -- A plan to equip the Nisga'a Hall for a Cruise Ship visitor program and the prospect of a hydroponics garden are two projects on the horizon in Prince Rupert.   (posted  October  21, 2019)

Unions set to consolidate at CityWest under new labour agreement -- The new contract for workers at  the City owned and operated CityWest will see a consolidation of all of its unions into one unit. (posted October 22, 2019)

New operators of pair of Prince Rupert Seniors residences look to the future with growth in mind -- Councillor Nick Adey provided an update on some changes for a pair of the city's Senior residences and what could be plans further down the line for new facilities.   (posted October 24, 2019)

Skeena-Bulkley Valley Stays Orange, as Taylor Bachrach's vote mirrors much of his six week lead --  After forty days of campaigning across the Northwest, the candidates settled in Monday for the vote count. With the NDP's Taylor Bachrach the one selected by voters to represent Bulkley Valley-Skeena at Parliament.  (posted  October 22, 2019)

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