Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Communications on the North Coast 2019 -- CityWest and Other Regional providers

Our 2019 Archive of items related to developments with the City of Prince Rupert owned Telecommunication company CityWest and other service providers in the region.


December 10 -- CityWest deliver $600,000 distribution payment to City of Prince Rupert for 2019  NCR


November 25 -- CityWest's Twelve Days of Christmas ... Plus One, set for seasonal return next week  NCR
November 22 -- CityWest's door to door delivery brings your one stop information book the home and office  NCR
November 18 -- Opening night beckons for Prince Rupert's Rotarians as edition number 55 of Rotary Auction set for launch  NCR


October 16 -- With "We Remember Them", CityWest Community Television looks to tell the stories of our Northwest veterans  NCR
October 3 -- Ketchikan voters approve bond plan for funding of fibre cable to Prince Rupert  NCR
October 2 -- CityWest hails the options available towards improved Wi-Fi access, including a helpful note for the North Coast Review!  NCR
October 2 -- CityWest to Broadcast/Stream three Northwest candidates forums  NCR
October 2 -- Improved Internet connectivity assists Masset Marine Rescue's work off Haida Gwaii  NCR
October 1 -- Ketchikan's Fibre Optic hopes to be part of today's municipal election vote  NCR


September 18 -- If speed is your need, CityWest has a Gigabit plan for you!   NCR
September 3 -- Humpback whales rule the waves and the cover of the next CityWest phone book NCR


August 26 -- CityWest looks to address and clarify concerns over PST overcharge issues  NCR
August 19 -- CityWest showcases the 10 finalists for this years Phone Book competition  NCR
August 13 -- CityWest to reveal finalists in Phone Book photo competition on August 19th  NCR
August 6 -- CityWest cautions customers as fraudsters reach out by email  NCR
August 1 -- Dead Zone: RDKS asks province for signage on Highway 37


July 31 -- Business Briefs
July 30 -- Rogers partners with Nisga'a Nation to provide cellular service in the Nass
July 29 -- Nisga'a, Rogers boost wireless connectivity in the Nass Valley
July 19 -- Freedom Mobile to flip the switch July 31st for Prince Rupert service  NCR
July 11 -- CityWest now accepting photos for 2020 Phone book cover  NCR
July 4 -- Our love for electronics is putting broadband to the test ...  NCR


June 5 -- Ketchikan continues planning for fibre optic link that will connect community with Prince Rupert and beyond  NCR


May 31 -- Jennifer Rice offers chance for Premier Horgan to highilght infrastructure, internet and cel phone initiatives for Haida Gwaii and North Coast  NCR 
May 15 -- CityWest's reopened Kitimat storefront to be celebrated today  NCR
May 8 -- New cel phone player set to enter Prince Rupert market  NCR
May 6 -- CityWest mailing outlines just how all that technology makes its way to your home  NCR


March 4 -- CityWest taps into local theatre talent for latest promotional video  NCR

Rest of NW BC and SE AK



Prince Rupert Area

March 15 -- CityWest set for storefront return to Kitimat  NCR

February 19 -- CityWest eyes fifty percent coverage of Prince Rupert by year end for Fibre to Home expansion project  NCR
February 18 -- CityWest announces fibre-to-the-home expansion plans
February 13 -- 672, it's new and coming to a calling area very near you for May 1st  NCR
February 8 -- CityWest looks to fill positions in Prince Rupert, Kitimat  NCR

Rest of NW BC and SE AK

February 8 -- CityWest looks to fill positions in Prince Rupert, Kitimat  NCR


Prince Rupert Area

January 22 -- CityWest begins exploratory work for fibre link for Ketchikan  NCR
January 21 -- CityWest launches "The North Route" information stream to website  NCR
January 2 -- $42M fibre internet expansion bid needs more study, RDBN says

Rest of NW BC and SE AK

January 2 -- $42M fibre internet expansion bid needs more study, RDBN says
January 2 -- Ahead of schedule, GCI turns on 5 new cell towers in Sitka

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