Friday, November 22, 2019

CityWest's door to door delivery brings your one stop information book to the home and office

The annual roll out of the new Phone Book for CityWest is almost complete, with the December 2019 edition making its way into many mailboxes and doorsteps this week.

And while these electronic times may have changed our patterns in finding information, the annual delivery of the Prince Rupert Book of Record if you will, does provide for a snapshot of the city on a year to year basis.

As you flip through the yellow pages of the Commercial section, the ebb and flow of commerce in the city can be tracked as once familiar names fade and new ventures take their place, the yellow pages making for a handy reference point for any number of stores and services in the region.

The White pages still maintain the listings for those with home service, perhaps a declining number as cel phones take over for our communication needs and that changing dynamic for our personal lives is reflected by what seems to be a thinner version each year.

The Phone Book also provides for Emergency Information on the very first page once you crack the cover, with information from the City of Prince Rupert following, as well as a list of postal codes to wrap up the Blue pages section.

The Provincial and Government information pages are found starting at page 22 which features earthquake and tsunami information as well government department listings.

This years cover comes from the lens of Doug Davis, who captured a spectacular scene of of a pod of humpback whales bubble-net feeding in the harbour, his submission to the annual CityWest Phone book cover competition was selected by voters as this years most remarkable shot.

More on the photo and the competition can be found here.

Should your home or business somehow have been missed, you can drop into CityWest at their Third Avenue offices to pick one up.

If you need more information contact CityWest at 250-624-211

For more notes on the Prince Rupert owned and operated communication company see our archive page here.

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